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  1. I was on 237 OCU Buccaneers 1984-6. Our war role was to go out to Laarbruch and designate targets for LGB attacks. It was always 20 Sqn we worked with. They also came to Lossie on detachment to drop live Paveway II's on Garvey island.
  2. Hmmm. Those wing pylons are extremely French. Have a look in the BM walkround section on the Jaguar for the British pylon shape.
  3. ZA613 was one of the early delivery Tornado GR1's. When in use with 27 Sqn it had not had the LRMTS fitted under the nose. Also the area's under the flaps and slats were painted in the same very light grey, used in the undercarriage bays. The 1500 lire drop tanks had the initial 4 fin fit. https://www.flickr.com/photos/cooke1/31957990837 The build is looking good. nice work. Rob.
  4. The photo's loaded for me. It did take a bit of time for them to fully load though.
  5. Here is my completed Pavehawk build. Over all, a very enjoyable build. The 1/35 Kitty Hawk helicopter range have a good reputation for build quality, it's just the awful KH instructions you have to work around. Here is the WIP thread for the build. I wanted to build something different. I do like the US special ops helicopters, they have a particular "beefy" look to them. When KH launched their 1/35th Hawk family of helicopters, I thought I'd go big. Normally I like to depict an aircraft in a realistic state. If it is armed, or has crew in, I don't open up many panels. This would not be the case on the 1:1 version. But with this, the detail available around the engines or avionics bays would be criminal to hide, but I really wanted to include the fantastic crew figures from Live-Resin. So I broke my own rules to display it as is. The only aftermarket bits I added were weighted resin wheel from Armory, Live_Resin crew figures and GAU-18 .5 cal guns, plus Werners Wings decals. A large amount of scratch building went into the cabin roof, to improve that. I wanted to do a 56th RQS aircraft when they were based at RAF Lakenheath. This HH-60G has a memorial to the crew of "Jolly 22", lost in a crash January 2014 at Cley Next The Sea, North Norfolk. It's on the cockpit roof above the centre windscreen panel. A very poignant memory for me, as we liked to visit Cley, when living in Norfolk. It is painted in acrylics. Main fuselage is Mr Hobby aqueous H305 Gunship Grey FS36118. Cabin interior Mr Hobby aqueous H308 Light Ghost Grey FS36375. The black is mostly Tamiya XF69 NATO black. Thanks for looking. Rob.
  6. OK then. The final stages. Tail rotor built with some added wiring. And the main rotor head and blades done. The wires sticking out from the rotor head are for the anti ice wiring looms, to connect to the blades. So, I'm calling this done. A couple of photo's at the bench, I'll have to take it outside for RFI photo's, for better light and more space. It's a bit large, now complete. It's been an enjoyable build. Just the usual problems with Kitty Hawk instructions, mis-numbered parts and poor build sequence. Rob.
  7. Doing a S2B for 237 OCU can be a bit of a minefield. In general terms, the OCU was mostly equipped with S2A's (the RAF equivalent of FAA S2C's). The S2B's went to the operational squadrons. The OCU finally had most of its A's replaced with B's when 15 & 16 sqns changed to Tornado's and the airframes were available. That was 83/4 just prior to the move up to Lossie. XT287 was given to 237 OCU from the FAA, it was an S2D with the Martel capable pylons as an S2B but without the bulged bomb bay door fuel tank. It was later converted to full S2B with door tank and went to 15 sqn at Laarbruch. So if you want to do XT287 with the OCU markings, the S2B kit is correct, you just need a flat bomb door, or build it with the bomb door open. Hope this helps. Rob. (Ex 237 OCU armourer).
  8. Right then. On to all things gun like. As I said before, the Live-Resin GAU 18 .50 cal gun set is made for the Academy kit. I could not get the ammo tanks to fit the KH kit, so had to use the kit supplied items. Not that there are any problems with them. I did kit bash the gun mounts to get the better resin ones to fit. The resin gun components. Painted ready for install. When it came time to fit everything, I found there was very little room between the cabin sides and gunners seats. This meant I wasn't able to adjust the position of the gunners much, to match up with the guns. In the end I just had to compromise, and not have the gunners actually holding the guns. Doors and panels have been glued into position. Just need to work on all things whirly now and it will be done. Thinking ahead to linking this WIP to the RFI post. Any links I do, appear as a plain hyperlink address. How do you create a link in the form of those nice titled tile/icons that many BM members use? Rob.
  9. A couple of pictures from the large library in the BM walkaround section. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/70916-sepecat-jaguar-gr1-gr3/ Port airbrake bay with micro turbo air starter. Starboard airbrake bay, with refueling coupling. Not a second micro turbo as Kitty Hawk have. I highly recommend looking through the pictures. There is every bit of information you need for a Jaguar.
  10. Ooohh, now you are talking! I got my wings flying a Venture. I did a weeks intensive course (a week off school learning to fly a glider, can't beat it). We were accommodated at RAF Newton, but did the flying from RAF Syerston. Mike Throssell, he was my instructor too. Great bloke. Epic project, this. Now a Venture is added, I'm on board.
  11. Hi there. No, I did a tour on 19(F) Sqn at Wildenrath in Germany. When I finished there, the Tornado F3 was taking over in the UK. The only place left for Phantoms was Wattisham. I didn't want to go there.
  12. I was down the Falklands on 23 Sqn as was, May-Sep 1988. Standard fit was loaded 4x4 plus gun. The only time a CL tank was fitted was for ferry flights to/from the UK. Seeing as the closest place to divert to was not very friendly, it was not needed. Plus with only 4 Phantoms down there, as much weaponry that could be carried, was. You can't shoot anything down with a CL tank! Yes, by 1991, all Phantoms had the TESS periscope fitted. Rob.
  13. This maybe a bit late for you. The upper and lower wing skins don't match around the flaps. The upper wing skin extends over the flap. Have a look through the BM walkround section. There is a huuge section of photo's showing the Jaguars at Cosford. Rob.
  14. Decals are on and a UMP dark dirt wash applied. I had the Werners Wings Pave Hawk sheet 2 decals for the general markings and stencils. The Lakenheath and aircraft specific decals from the OOP sheet 1 were graciously supplied by @bentwaters81tfw. Many thanks to Frank for that. Then it was on to lots of small sub assemblies to add, that seem to take forever, with no signs of progress. I had a go at creating the prism effect for the countermeasures "disco ball". First a chrome coat from a Molotow pen. Then a light coat of Tamiya clear yellow, followed by clear red. It needed a bit more. So another coat of clear red and a highlights of thinned clear blue. That got this. And in place. Sorry another poor photo. I couldn't get my camera to focus on where I wanted. The chaff and flare dispensers were also fitted. I added the wiring looms from 0.3mm solder.
  15. That is a fantastic build Alan. Large and an interesting subject. Certainly very different from a standard F3.
  16. Superb work Alan. Now that is how weathering and wear and tear should be done. The majority of "distress" on many an airframe is from mucky hand and boot marks, not to look ready for the scrap yard. You have replicated that perfectly. Rob.
  17. That's an improvement on the seat option. You could use those, my single seat GR1/3 kit only had the seat on the right! I don't think there are any AM pylons out there, the kit one's can be changed with a bit of cutting and sanding.
  18. I've only built the single seat kit as a GR3A, but I'm guessing everything rear of the cockpit is common to both kits. Look out for poor fit of any panel that is poseable open, if you are fitting it closed. The wing leading edge is the wrong shape outboard of the wing fences. The leading edge slats are too deep. The wing pylons are French versions, they need surgery to do RAF ones. As you have already said, there is only 1 1200 ltr drop tank, and that is the wrong shape. Get a pair from Flightpath, they are good. The ejection seats are French type, not the Matin Baker Mk 9B's it should have. If you need any reference photo's for details, have a look in the walkaround section of BM. There are loads of photo's of the Jags at Cosford. Good luck. Rob.
  19. Yep, definitely a baggage pod. Have a look at this list and take your pick https://www.scalemates.com/topics/topic.php?id=60088
  20. A bit of a gap between updates, but I'm back again. Primer applied to the Pavehawk. I use Tamiya grey surface primer in a rattle can. It gives a lovely finish and I have never had it lift, even on photo etch. There are some anti slip areas on the roof, around the "doghouse". Rather than just painting them black, I thought I would add some texture. I used Mig Ammo anti slip paste, as used in armour modelling. The effect looks good. Then the whole body had a coat of Mr Hobby aqueous H305 Gunship Grey. Black areas were done with Tamiya XF69 NATO black. The anti slip areas with paint. After the overall coat, I went over panels with some subtle post shading. I don't like to do too large a difference in shades. Not a fan of that style. My potato of a camera does not pick up the shades too well, but you probably get the idea. Decals next. Rob.
  21. Fuselage construction continues. All the main structure is complete that will not get in the way of painting. Notice how, after all the work to get the driveshafts in, they are covered by the intakes! Well I know I got them in. While fitting some of the blade aerials, I had an oh bu**@r moment. I had not planned through the instructions enough with regard to opening up holes in the fuselage. The instructions show what holes to open for the flare dispensers. But not for the aerials. Consequently, anyone planning to do this kit, take note of below. The other locations need opening up. The build I'm following, as my reference source, did note about the Live-Resin .50 cal guns. The set is meant for the Academy kit, so the mounting points for the ammo tanks and main gun mounts don't fit. A bit of kit bashing is required to make a go of these. Rob.
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