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  1. That looks an interesting hybrid configuration to build. It's had a partial embodiment of the Martel capability. Inboard pylons are universal type for Martel carriage, but must still have pre-mod outer wings. They are the stubby pre-Martel pylons on the outboard. I wonder if the kit will have both types of pylon included.
  2. With the usual caveat of check for photo's of the particular aircraft you are building. It look like the answer is no. Spin strakes were removed when tip tanks were fitted. https://www.airliners.net/photo/UK-Air-Force/BAC-84-Jet-Provost-T5B/2757659/L https://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/000427897.html As 6 FTS used them for low level navigator training, and flown by experienced pilots. They shouldn't (cough) need assistance with spin recovery, I would have thought. P.S. They were Jet Provost T5B's.
  3. Shortly after the move up from Honington to Lossie. So late 84, early 85 time frame. https://www.airfighters.com/photo/20276/M/UK-Air-Force/Blackburn-Buccaneer-S-2B/XX899/ I got the decals made by Paul Parks, he is on here as Parkes682Decals. Oh. your other question, no, 15 and 16 sqn Buccs never had AN/ALE 40 chaff & flare. The closest was packets of chaff taped to the inside face of the airbrakes for a one time only use.
  4. No, I was on 237 OCU. We had codes ending in C (closest was JC XX899). Those ending in S were 208 sqn and 12 sqn ended in F. All squadrons pretty much kept their own aircraft, not shared around like today.
  5. Yeah, should be Ok. None of the RAFG Buccaneers got the Pulsator mods, they were all from 12 & 208 sqns. One difference to note on the role fit between RAFG and UK sqns. The RAFG Buccs had the ECM pod on the port outboard pylon and 9B on the stbd outboard. The UK sqns had them switched about. That's why you see the Op Granby aircraft with ECM on stbd, 9L on port. I haven't a clue why this was. . By the way, what scale is your Buccaneer? I think I have some left over 9B's and the associated Aero 3B launchers in my spares box. Left over from my 1/48 Buccaneer in 237 OCU war role fit. Rob.
  6. Nice Buccaneer. Great work. The 2 letter codes were my time at Lossie.
  7. Nope. Your initial post was correct. The RAFG Buccaneers had the AIM 9B sidewinders passed down from the FAA Scimitars. When 15 & 16 sqns changed to Tornado's the remaining stock of 9B's were retained at Laarbruch and assigned to 237 OCU Buccaneers. These were for the OCU's war role. 9G winder capability only started appearing with the 12 modded airframes for Op Pulsator, along with AN/ALE 40. The whole fleet got the capability for 9G/L carriage when they went through the upgrade programme in the mid 80's. This was the improvements for Sea Eagle use. Rob.
  8. So, the answers back, up until now. It looks to have been 208 sqn up from Honington. The answers were a bit vague as to the exact year, after all several years have passed. But it was around those years, and they remembered the snow.
  9. Before my time on them. But I can ask on the Buccaneer Facebook group.
  10. Hello information hive. Following my Chally 2 TES build, I'm on to the Meng Warrior. Despite Google searches and searching here, I can't find any answers. Are there any pictures/diagrams of anti slip areas on the Warrior FV510 TES. I'm guessing all upper flat surfaces? Thanks Rob.
  11. Very nice build, great job. 216 sqn markings make it look different to normal. A short lived Bucc squadron.
  12. I can only echo what others have said. Superb build and stunning photo's.
  13. Taking a break from aircraft modelling, I thought I would have a go at armour. I chose the RFM Chally 2, just because I wanted something modern and I like all the TES add on's. A lovely kit, no issues putting it together, just like the experience of others that have built these. I used the MIG anti slip paste on the upper surfaces. Paint was Tamiya acrylics NATO green and NATO black. Weathered with dark dirt and grime Flory washes. Also used VMS EU brown earth pigments. All comments welcome. Rob.
  14. This is my first attempt at vehicle models. It's the Aoshima Beemax Celica group A rally car. It's the Australia rally version, but I got after market decals to do Carlos Sainz's 1989 Lombard RAC rally entry. I also got the detail pack, but in the end didn't use much of it. The kit went together pretty straight forward, no issues. All comments welcome. Rob.
  15. Post #8 on the first page by Phantom Phixer states XV422 was grey/green when the incident occurred. So it could work out the best of both worlds for you. Rob.
  16. The fuselage, fin and outer wings are barley grey. Inner wings medium sea grey (debatable), undersides light aircraft grey. Rob.
  17. There was a folk tale of a Lossiemouth based Buccaneer bombing a Soviet spy trawler with stuffed teddy bears!! Apparently it flew to somewhere for a weekend landaway. The crew did a bit of shopping, including kids toys. They were stowed in the baggage pannier fitted in the bomb bay. On flying back over the North Sea, they spotted the trawler and decided to do a simulated attack. The pilot forgot about the "cargo" and rolled the bomb door open. All the sudden airflow passing through the bomb bay, nicely emptied the contents of the pannier across the trawler.
  18. I never worked on FG1's, so cannot say definitely. But I don't think they ever did. The section in my Phantom course notes for AN/ALE 40 has photocopies from the AP. That AP is 101B-0902, which only refers to FGR2. 101B-0900 was common to both, 101B-0901 was FG1 only. It was primarily the UK based squadrons plus the Falklands aircraft that had them. Neither 19 or 92 sqns in Germany had chaff and flare until we started receiving airframes from the likes of 29 sqn when they re-equipped with Tonka F3's. It made our aircrew very happy to have a new toy. Rob.
  19. That is a superb Phantom. Yes, worn and dirty, but so realistic.
  20. Great work on the chaff and flare dispensers. Something the Phantoms "down south" flew with, that Airfix missed.
  21. Looking good, nice work on the old Phantom. Give it a good weathering, they didn't get washed too much down there. Dug out an old photo. RAF Mount Pleasant 1988. Rob.
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