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  1. Hello gentlemen, 1) I'm searching for resin copy of [relatively] old Trumpeter's MiG-29 in 32nd scale for MiG-23MF build. Or maybe, someone with 3D-printing witchcraft skills could help me. 2) In addition I'm searching for someone who can create vacuformed (or with some other new technology) canopy for MiG-23MF in 32nd scale. The original design is horrible. I know about existence of HpH MiG-23BN conversion, but I'm not sure about it's canopy dimensions, don't want to buy blindfolded. Of course, I'm ready to pay for it. Thanks.
  2. Hi, all. Don't know, is it a necroposting or not, but I found this topic via search of Ki-15 in 48th scale. It was very big surprise for me to hear that someone will release this aircraft in scale 1/48. So, I've sent a message to AZ Model about plans on Ki-15 and got an answer: "Unfortunately, this neither next year Ki-15 is not in our production plan." Sad, but true.
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