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  1. Hello all, maybe someone can help. I'm looking for decals for Fw 190 A-x from Schlachtgeschader 1 in 1/72. It's with Mickey Mouse on red roundel on engine covers. Markings are one red white-outlined letter + black white-outline triangle. Like here: Eduard put it in 1/48 box, but not in the very similar 1/72 version of the 190. I know there are a Revell and Monogram box, but they are very old. I'm looking for some actual prints. Thank you !
  2. Yeah, after so many kits, I thought they have bigger ambition and experience to do higher quality kits. Like AZmodels.
  3. Close, but no banana ! Could have been a M-346. But it's a good kit, I'd take it. Waiting for pics.
  4. A Spitfire is a Spitfire is a Spitfire. Instead of 35543377863257636 x e^pi versions of one plane, you should wish a new plane kit, that is only available from Bronze Age moulds or in resin bricks or not even available.
  5. Of course possible! Once there was a german history TV show about the Independence War and the S-199, that was a german plane. In this show there was a witness of that time, who saw the S-199 ariving in Israel. He said, they had to paint over the Hakenkreuz at the tail. So even a witness is no source.
  6. Preorder at aviationmegastore for 197 € - around 168 GBP.
  7. S-199 Profipack with Erla canopy in September.
  8. September leaflet in czech language. https://www.eduard.com/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2022-09cz.pdf
  9. I'm not sure. I was not there. But here maybe Or here above the board number The new KP kit is also available in a 3-tone-camouflage.
  10. 25 (?) were in IAF. 123ד got a green-sand/brown (?) camouflage. I saw drawing of white 4 in blue-sand. 104ד with small roundels on sides. And famous 120ד was not in the kit.
  11. There wil be a 'S-199 in IAF service' kit somewhen this year. (Source: facebook comment.)
  12. The new KP MiG-19 is simply with simply cockpit, fits not correct ... CP should have more details. https://community.revell.de/viewtopic.php?p=98777
  13. Yeeeeeeeeeeeees ! Finally a new mould -19 ! Trumpeter can keep his never ever released kit.
  14. The resin model is better than any scratch build and there is no simple scratch build. Too many changes all over the plane.
  15. What does Club Line mean ? Saw it also in the Bf 109 topic.
  16. Was it really necessary to publish the plane of terrorist, war criminal, mass murderer and a chief organizer of the Holocaust ? I think it was not.
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