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  1. Got the PU yesterday. Parts as known from the other versions. Looks nice in the box. I wanna build RBT, RU, PD and Pu together after my triple MiG-29 project. There are already a lot of nice aftermarket products, but still looking for decals for Algerian PU.
  2. In that time also MiG-15, Fw 190, Avia B-534, MiG-21 ?
  3. I thougt the 1/72 Desert Babes kit would be more extravagances.
  4. Concerning the "italian" decals, there is an indian photographer on instagram, and some of the roundels look very reddish. https://instagram.com/deb_rana?igshid=e5bh6m2gipac
  5. Reskit, Amigo Models and Advanced Modelling are good sources for russian weapons.
  6. Now also the box content. https://icm.com.ua/aviation/mig-25pu/
  7. Instruction sheet is online. https://icm.com.ua/aviation/mig-25pu/ 4 decal variants, but no surprise: 3 almost identical Russian Airforce 1 Libyan AF Oh, and no weapons.
  8. In 1/72 would be nice !!!
  9. In 1/72 Meng is the better. At the Recell kit the edge on fuselage in the engine area between the red lines is too long. Belongs more to Y or T. I also saw a 1/48 model with too long edge
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