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  1. that's brilliant, just what I need, many thanks Rogerd
  2. anybody have details or photos showing M61 cannon installation? also does anyone produce the earlier framed canopy, I have lost the windshield on my trumpy kit, falcon do a vac form, but is the complete canopy or just the main hood? many thanks Roger D
  3. Just be aware that on Mk11,s two cannon were often removed, cannot remember if these were outboard on inboard
  4. any one have leads on photos of this, the ones I have found seem to be restored examples, and would not be sure of the accuracy. would the doors be bifold as per the avenger or single piece construction? the special hobby kit seems to suggest bifold. I would presume that depth charges could be carried, but does anyone have pictures or know of artermaket renditions. many thanks Roger D
  5. are the ips same as originals , or have been updated with glass displays, looks like they are ex swiss a/c ? thanks rogerd
  6. 1 thing I forgot, its easier to install the landing gear legs before glueing the wing halves together - without adhesive as the mounting points sit in recess on the wheel bay. trying to fit the legs afterwards is a bit of a nightmare enjoy Rogerd
  7. I managed to fit mine afterwards. I not sure how far into the build you are, but a couple of things to be aware of,the 5 inch rockets are awkward as the holes on the fin assy are to small and need to be drilled out as well as to holes in the main wheels also be careful with the decals, they are very thin and require careful application, otherwise they work extremely well with no setting solution needed. it looks the part when finished, although separate control surfaces would have been nice and perhaps lowered flaps. no provision for open bomb bay, but good refs are virtually non existent ( unless anyone knows different) enjoy the build. ps I have already ordered a second and backorded decals from caracal! rogerd
  8. I got around it by attaching it to the rear canopy section
  9. hello Nick, its the latest mk11a release,if you could help it would be great Thanks Rogerd
  10. thank you edgar, it was what I expected, just trying to get away without sourcing a new windscreen Rogerd
  11. having lost the above clear part from the revell 1/32 kit, would non armoured screens still have been around in the BoB otherwise I.ll have to find a rep[acement from somewhere. Thanks Rogerd
  12. thank you both for the quick replies, the photo attached is the subject I am building, and according to the decal placement guide the patches are gas patch panels? thanks again Rogerd
  13. could anyone confirm if these were used direct form US stocks without modification? - ie tandard issue US seat harness and stick type control stick. the pictures I have seen suggest that that cameras were not fitted, at least not on delivery, were the added at a later date? Thanks in advance Rogerd
  14. just checked , skyhart do one sheet , 100 anniversary scheme - just check on the site to see detsils
  15. I think, or vagugly recall that skyhart did some anniversary schemes, I may be wrong or they be OOP
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