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  1. You did a great job! I bought a kit several years ago and am now just getting around to working on it. I may ask you a few questions about your work when I get closer to the detailing portion of it. I got the kit because it is what I drove when I was in the Army. We used it to refuel Apache helicopters.
  2. Here is a link to some photos on pintrest of my shuttle project. I was wanting to buy the payload bay kit, but they seemed to be unavailable. I decided on using styrene sheeting. I cut out each panel, then super glued a piece of vinyl bed sheet cover onto it until it was three layers thick. I can then fit the whole sheet into place inside the payload area. I think I will use pastels to add weathering details to the shuttle. https://www.pinterest.com/andrewallenshep/space-shuttle-model-project/ Let me know what you all think of how it looks and be honest. I'd rather know now before it gets glued in place!
  3. Wow! Thanks for the link to the pics Mike. Those are amazing. They will help out a whole lot, especially with the rear of the shuttle. I wasn't able to find any photos that showed the wing really well where it goes up against the body. Your photos show this section really clearly. That must have been amazing to see the shuttle that close up. Matthew I will PM you soon to get those reference images. I will look into the tape too!
  4. I have a 1/72 revell space shuttle model. There are two things i was wanting to get ideas for. The first is the best or most realistic way to make my shuttle look weathered. I have hand painted most of the detail and would like to try and stay away from decals because of this. The second thing is the cargo bay. I would like to add some type of material to it that will make it look like the real padding that is in the cargo bay. Thanks for any hints tips, or suggestions you may be willing to pass my way!
  5. I have the earlier kit of this model. The decals were not very good at all, which led me to paint almost all details by hand. I would love to know how you got such a great weathered look on yours. Thanks for any help you may be willing to offer!
  6. Wow! I have this kit that I bought a very long time ago and have recently just started working on again! Which brought me here, so thanks for posting all of this great info! I'm guessing my kit is the older. It looks like its from 2001 and is depicting the 100th sts with Endeavour. It explains the cargo included which is the same in the kit you have. It says Endeavour visited the ISS. It carried a robotic arm which was installed on the ISS. I am not sure if the pay loaded pices included are part of the mission or not, but it describes these pieces as well. There is a space lab for one half. The other section is an ESA experiment module with a telescope mounted to it. It also contains the experimental arm. I wish I had your decal kit for sure. There are hardly any decals for thethe cockpit. The escape door on the side didn't match any of the pictures of the shuttle I found, which led me to painting almost all details on it by hand. There were no decals for the edge of the wings. I ended up taping these lines off to paint them in. I would like to try and add something to the cargo bay to make it look padded. I would also like any suggestions as how to make the exterior look weathered. I don't really have any ideas on these things yet. For anyone interested, I can try to post photos of what I have done so far!
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