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  1. G'day, needle files.... gas welding tip cleaners, just cut the non serrated (if need be) bit from the end, good sizes for what we need and quite rigid and never wear out. For people in some parts of Aust. Clarke Rubber sell closed cell, sticky backed foam in 3,5 and 9m/m, allows you to make sanding pads or whatever is needed to suit. Even when wet it hangs together. Some of the automotive paint shops carry open foam pads (for orbital sanders, hook and loop) in fine grits, 2000, 3000& 4000. More when it comes to mind. Ken.
  2. Folks, dunno if am doing this right. Just sent a little gift, hope it arrived!!!.
  3. Hi all, thank-you for the welcome. As mentioned earlier I am a total novice at this new fangled computer thingo, so only confident when the young fella's over the shoulder, hope none of you are in a hurry for images. Mains, needles & slides, and a bit of steam,(last century even). Computers are fuel injection to me, can't see it, can't work it out. Been viewing for a LONG time and have learned heaps. Need to pay my way now.
  4. As above, hello all, been lurking for quite a while now an it's time to put me head up. Ken's me, 1:48 Spits are the go. Have a bit of a collection, finished and not. I am NOT proficient at understanding computers, so please cut me some slack if no photo's turn up. Am still working steam here. So... Hello all!!.
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