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Nigel Foster60

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you are still interested in the proctor as I have not heard from you for a while, as it has been Christmas I thought I would just ask. Thanks and regards


    1. fightersweep


      Hi Nigel;


      Yes! Sorry about that. We ended up staying with the in laws up in Scotland over Christmas....got back on Saturday. I'll be posting the cheque tomorrow for you.


      Best regards;

    2. Nigel Foster60

      Nigel Foster60

      No worries mate........that time of year,much the same myself. Happy new year. Nigel

    3. fightersweep


      Happy New Year to you too!


      It's been a busy Christmas...not much time for a rest now before it all starts again for another year!



  2. Nigel, I tried to send a message but it said you are unable to recieve.

    Anyway I would like the Tornado Airwaves Flaps, are they 1/72? and the complete wings with drooped flaps and slats?

    Perhaps PM Me 

  3. PM sent, re: A-10 in Operation enduring Freedom and F-8 Crusader Vs. Mig-17. 





    1. Nigel Foster60

      Nigel Foster60

      Hi Chris,


      Thank you for your e mail.


      I will be happy to put those aside for you..

      I am afraid I do not have paypal so I would ask for either a cheque or a direct bank payment please.

      Please can you let me have your address so I can prep the parcel. If a direct payment to my bank account I can post on  Monday if you wish.


      Thanks and regards



  4. Nigel Foster60

    Kinetic 1/72 C-17A

    Wow! It just has to be done, good job the sorting out in the loft has gone so well. Maybe next we will get our mainstream kit of the R1 Sentinel ! Nigel
  5. Nigel Foster60

    Germany wants access to C-130's

    Almost every new aircraft suffers the A400 from teething problems of some sort. Note the aircraft listed above. The more the design is compromised by several requirements the more difficult it is. Like most it will get sorted and probably make a fine strategic aircraft. However It is unlikely to be happy in a tactical role given its size. Nigel
  6. Nigel Foster60

    Dambusters to Fly From Carriers

    That will be so popular with those who joined the RAF ISO the FAA! ( not)
  7. Nigel Foster60

    1/72 - Cierva/Avro/Leo C.30 by RS Models - released

    I have just got to get one. It is so different. Nigel
  8. Nigel Foster60

    The end in sight - Tucano

    If you look at how many Grobs we have now, something will need cutting there. Same goes for the Hawk T2's. I guess there is a lot more sim's around. Nigel
  9. Nigel Foster60

    The end in sight - Tucano

    With recent order of aircraft for the RAF / FAA it look hard to see how this will allow for all the 'front seats' to be filled Nigel
  10. Nigel Foster60

    Fairey Rotodyne Article

    An interesting article. Yet another of those great Briish products of the 50's and 60's that did not make it buy maybe it should have. Makes you wonder what would happen if built with modern materials today. The comment about the hekicopter service between Gatwick and Heathrow being finished because the land jourmey is quicker by M25 gave me cause for a chuckle! Nigel
  11. That is just some of the best modelling I have seen, excellent. Nigel
  12. Nigel Foster60

    Parachutes. Military aircraft, who gets one?

    I always find it funny when the folks who are not know about aircraft ask why helo's do not have ejection seats ( i know there are a very few exceptions) Nigel
  13. Nigel Foster60

    kuwait buys typhoon

    From various articles I have read the Saudi's are after up to 200 aircraft. (another 130) I am not sure but the RAF and Luftwaffe have not ordered their full quota yet or have they been cancelled? Nigel
  14. Nigel Foster60

    F-35 - Another News Article - NO politics Please !

    Unless we are all (as human kind) very lucky it looks as if many combinations of aircraft and weapons will get a try out in the current sad situation in the Middle East. That may end up taking a lot of discussion and establishing the fact. I see the current upset as having many parallels with the Spanish Civil War. Somehow I see debate such as here preferable, ( but please be respectful to each other) Is it me or do we seem to be getting less public information on the air campaign than the Lybian war? Nigel
  15. Nigel Foster60

    Famous Hovercraft set to be destroyed

    I hope at least one is saved. I have many happy memories of using them over their years of service. Did they go out of service because of cost of operation? If they could not compete with the Channel Tunnel would they have not been useful somewhere else? Nigel