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  1. 2 minutes ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

    “Dont come and tell,

           Ring this like hell !”


    a quote from a bell outside an alert shack during the Battle of Britain.  

    Yes, exactly this.


    The more I read and see (documentaries) about this, the more I understand the tremendous strain they were under. And the more I respect their tremendous courage. "We just had to do it" For me. looking back, it is both understandable and incomprehensible that those men could do it... But they did... and I'm thankful they did. Again: it's my small 'Thank You' to those who were so invaluable in defending the last free country in Europe at the time and all those people in Britain who had to suffer defending it.


    You may or may not know it, but, hearing from my older relatives who were occupied back then, the British holding back the Nazi's back then felt likle a start of a victory. Our (Dutch) queen Wilhelmina speaking on BBC London was a giant boost in morale. Just imagine what a defeat (or cease fire with the Nazis) would have been. It would have felt as a complete defeat.


    That's why I want to honour the Few with this diorama.



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  2. Just to be clear: I'm gonna scratch build the caravan out of carton. I think it is quite doable, so let's hope it is gonna work.

    The car and the plane are "old fashioned" kits, so that will be no problem (I hope... :think:


    Pilots are from both airfix and revell sets, so no big problems there (well, I gotta paint them... )

    They will differ in size, but men in real life do too!



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  3. The source of the waiting pilots is this great photo:




    It really has all of it. The men waiting in front of a camouflaged caravan, a dog, the planes, a rather fancy car, and last but not least, the garbage can.


    I'll try to scratchbuild a caravan, and hope to get some pilots out of a few kits.

    The car I already have a substitute.





    When I saw this in the modelshop I just couldn't resist it. Simple kit, but so to the point....






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  4. 1 minute ago, dogsbody said:

    Ooh, this sounds interesting. As for picture-posting, I use Flickr now. Photobucket can lick my neither regions!





    Hi Chris.


    yes, Photobucket can... well, what you said! ;)

    I now use postimg.cc

    Seems to work.... I'll try to post some more. The waiting pilots are based on a great photo, will be up in a short time... well, hope so anyway... stay tuned!

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  5. The Battlle of Britain was, when I was a kid, already something mythological. These brave men, with the magnificent Spitfires and Hurricanes, who defended the last free place in Europe against the Nazi war machine.


    Growing older, I realised how much human effort went in to this battle. Reading more about the men, you come to understand that with this great victory and the magnificent machines, the toll on them was immense.

    I want to honour those men (in my own humble way) by building an Airfix Spitfire, but as a part of a diorama. I am fascinated by the photos of waiting pilots, ready to scramble.

    So, to complement the Spit, I'll try to build a small vignette of airmen waiting for the scramble to sound.

    I might fail in this, but I hope it will be a small reminder of the Few, of which so many ow so much.

    Next post I hope to add some pictures, still working out that since the Photobucket-disaster...


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  6. Well, count me in in this GB! I'm trying to shake my personal Britmodeller curse (the last two GB's I joined I couldn't finish because one of my close relatives had to go to hospital), so let's hope it's third time lucky.

    As I discovered, I hadn't build a Battle of Britain Spitfire yet... Yes, almost impossible to imagine at this site, that I/m still allowed to post at all...

    So I'm in with the Airfix 1/72 Spit. But I want to make a small diorama out of it, so I'm going to try to recreate a pilots waiting for scramble. as a small thank you for the few who were so crucial in saving Europe from Nazi-tyranny. As a Dutch person I might have been speaking german now if it wasn't for their effort (and the subsquent effort of the allies)


    Already made a start in this easter weekend, so over to the WIP and now working out how to post pictures post-photobucket.


    And if I find the time, I will be building another RAF-theme close to my heart, depicting Operation Manna. That really meant a lot to my family (and my country), so hoping to find the time to honour that great action by the RAF.


  7. Just voted.

    Some difficult choices. But thank you people for getting involved and for setting up GBs and getting the support. Even if 'ÿour' GB won't make it, I (and probably many other members) do appreciate the effort. It's great to have a choice.

    And of course: a big thank you for Enzo M. for all the administrative work!


    And now it's waiting for december... which ones will be on the calender? Always exciting!

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  8. On 19-10-2017 at 8:33 AM, TEMPESTMK5 said:

    Good morning Dorbeck


    Welcome and Thanks to you we are now 25 at last and I will ask to the moderators to give us a date ..

    I see you have a large choice in mind of course this Gb is opened to all the DC 3 variants (C47 , LI 2 , Basler BT 67 ..) and also to the DC 2...


    Best regards


    Hi Patrice,


    great to have the DC2 included! I'll be saving my DC2 kit for this GB. And with Enzo Matrix confirming the GB for 2019, it gives me the time to get some DC3 kits  and decals as well. Now I just have to be strong.... don't build it yet... don't build it yet... (and an other voice in my head says: just build it... time enough to get some other suitable kits... ;))


    Lookning forward to this!


    Thanks Patrice and Enzo for putting it on the calender!


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  9. Hi Patrice,

    I had to search the site for a bit, because I was sure I've seen this thread, but couldn't find it. until now. I'm in! Hopefully we now have 25 participants for sure? so we are set to go I hope? (although that last bit will be in the hands of the moderators of course)


    How can I not participate? So many great schemes (civil and military), even different countries (the DC3/C47 and their Russian and Japanese sisters). And of course, my dad being an active member of the Dutch Dakota Association (DDA), which meant I was really close and personal with the DC3. After all, who wouldn't be smitten when you go to an airshow, dad tells you it's really busy on the road home, so why not fly back with the Dakota? So, you're 14, and you pass the security, go on the platform, board the plane and fly off... great memories, and yes, real flying. And lets not forget waving a sheet in the garden when you hear the engines of the Dakota and knowing that dad's on board, probably had a friendly word with the pilot so that he would fly over our house. Dad would see we appreciated his effort :lol:


    So yes, I've built a fair number of DC3s, but wouldn't mind to build another one of two. Pre-war KLM-scheme in silver or orange? postwar ones are nice too! The Flying Dutchman KLM one, or the Air France one (the DDA Dakota had one of each side  when they were sponsored by KLM/Air France). The BOAC war scheme? Or maybe a warhorse; D-day, battle of Arnhem, Berlin Air Bridge, French Indochina? Dutch airforce had some great schemes too... spoilt for choice.
    There even was a DC2 1/5, where a DC3 had a wing so badly damaged that they had to replace it. Only wing available to them was a DC2 wing. Would be nice to scratchbuild one...

    So... come on, guys and gals, so much choice, and so many great schemes! Join!!! (no, I don't have shares in companies like Airfix or Italeri, and Patrice didn't force me either ;)


    Oh, and a last question for you Patrice, just to be sure, all the DC3 variants will be included, but is the DC2 also ok? Considering the small differences between the types (and i have a model waiting in the stash :lol:

  10. 1 hour ago, Ascoteer said:

    Reaches fer her Skillett...


    Oh no-no.... this is what I was afraid of....


    Dear Miss,


    no no no no no, please don't reach for your skillet . i apologize. It is all completely my fault and mistake.Everything is... you name it, i've done it...  My sick mind (men eh, pffffff) melting images of a  "slightly mad maiden aunt who regularly gets pished on Bushmills' slot". with an iIrish priest in a TV-show.... it's just sick!!!


    of course you are better looking, taller, smarter and in no way comparable to the obnoxious father Jack character. I  must confess that your stories are very worthwhile. (be it of motorbikes, cars or RAF-adventures.. Honestly, I love to read your tales. Although they make me feel a bit sad that I haven't experienced those kind of adventures, I really like to read about them) And on top of that, your modeling skills are formidable! No joke here....




    So please, spare me.... I have a son (aka don't do my ex-wife a pleasure). I will refrain from any slanderous comment from now on....



    your humble servant, taking a deep bow.... Have I've said sorry already?


    (please Edward, post a picture of the wonderful Winston or something like that... That mudguard again, it looks great!.... or stencils?.... help! )



















    oh well, let's be honest. I know the small strip of North sea isn't gonna protect me...  you fly planes, and probably outdrive and outrun me, even if your on heels, and my only rescue could be swimming away from you (although  I can't do that for long.... }

    So you're a mix of Mad Max and James Bond.... although I must confess: what really  scared me, is your earlier matter of fact comment about kneecaps, shoot them from the front or the back, what is most damaging???... it was quite to the point and matter of fact , but how the f^^k do you know that kind of thing?....so, i sure as hell hope i don't offend you. My best friend is married to an Irish woman, and a redhead too. She is the most friendly person in the world, but if somethimg grates her... you better take cover...  Best to apologize to you again!!!! ;)


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  11. I;m sorry chaps and chapettes.... Next to the wonderful build, I just can't seem to shake of my mental picture of the BM-procopius family.... I don't know much about the Brady bunch, but this comment from Debs


    12 hours ago, Ascoteer said:

    I'll take the 'slightly mad maiden aunt who regularly gets pished on Bushmills' slot.


    and the knowledge she's from Ulster seems to have triggered my fantasy... Debs, may I see you as a kind of female father Jack from the Father Ted series? And if so, isn't it quite believeable that there is room for modellers in onesies, modellers that face existential crises over an only in his eyes not perfect mudguard, while at the same time there are those who are like father Dougal and glue propelllors on the canopies of spitfires and happily exclaim: "Now its a helicopter!!!!" (that'll be me.... I confess)


    Oh well, it's a special, but happy bunch, right??? Which doesn't kick anyone out, right???... please???

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  12. 30 minutes ago, Phantome said:

    Back on topic, I agree with the "yawn" sentiment. Another early mark Spit? It's a saturated market so unless you come out with THE Mk I/II to rule them all why waste time? Clearly this is far from it.


    Revell could have come out with a Mk XIV and it'd have been a game changer, even if it had a few flaws. There's just one steel mold kit (Academy) and it's a dog, and not everyone will want to do a short run kit. They could have done a Seafire of any mark. So many possibilities.


    I don't blame Revell's engineers for putting out a less than perfect kit. I blame their marketers for not realizing a less than perfect kit of a different mark would have cornered the market given that there's no likely rival in the near future (Eduard is not planning Griffon Spits or so I think)


    Absolutely have to agree with you. i would love to see a XIV that is better than the Academy or the Fujimi one. 

    But, as one of the guys in the modelshop where I bought my kits said: "we sell any spitfire mkI, messerschmitt 109e, sherman and tigertank." The casual buyer (for instance granddad buying one for his grandchild) wants a kit of a plane or tank everybody recognizes  (i.e. 109e, spit mkI/II). And don't forget, here on the continent Revell and in a lesser extant Airfix are the two main players whose kits are easily available (as in: also sold in department stores and toy shops. Although that is less and less the case. For instance in Holland kits are nowadays only sold in a few toy shops, apart from hobby shops that is). So Revell and Airfix have to have a kit of the bestsellers.


    I'm afraid we're entering an age where the big players have to play it save and make kits of the most wanted models. And I think the marketeers are responsible for that....We can only hope they pour some of the money they earn into kits that are catering to our needs. The perfect XIV would sell well, but its market share compared to even a part of the market for the iconic mkI is a much smaller one;


    That said: if a big company brings out a new kit, even of the spit mkII, with all knowledge and technique there is available, I expect it to be close to perfect. And that is my gripe (at first look) with the revell offering. 



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  13. 2 hours ago, CedB said:

    Looks like a 2016 completion to me. Now you can go and relax with the family :) :whistle: 


    Does that mean he has to stay online? From what I read here earlier we are his family....  (I'm probably the guy who is the friend of some far off cousin you only meet at grandma's birthday and who never says much, but when he says something, it is a pit painful... Well, I can only say: it's, nice to be yourself!... although... oh, nevermind )


    But I do agree that the Fencer looks finished, and it is a wonderful job. Very well done, sir.

    (although now I do fancy a go at a soviet jet myself now. They are nice looking models, aren't they? Just what I need, another vista of modelling opportunities opening up)


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  14. And on a more serious note:as i was lacking a mkII spit and saw bioth the airfix offering and the new Revell in my local hobbyshop, I couldn't resist and bought them both. First look confirms what The Wooksta! stated already (and with more knowledge and more detailled): things like panels look quite fine, but the overall feel is a Frog kit from the seventies reissued by Novo. 

    Quite nice, but from a new mould in 2016 you would expect a bit more... 

    (I just saw that my other local hobbyshop has in its description of the kit: "Adapted Revell Spitfire MKVB kits". Might explain some issues)


    The things that bother me most with the revell kit (again, first look, may work out alright in the end) are things like the canopy and the wingtips. Apart from having to blend in the tips with the rest of the wing (I have build of an Italeri Spit, and that still hurts my eyes when I look at it... when you know an error is there, you just can't unsee it, right?), the wingtips have some very fine flash.

    Now we are talking about very thin  wingtips (a plus), but knowing my own skills, I will never be able to remove the flash and not do damage to the shape of the tips.


    Not sure about the wheels, prop and spinner. They look somewhat strange, toylike and lacking in detail.

    Such a missed oportunity in my view.



    I hope to do, in a couple of days, a work in progress buildiing both kits with an old Scale Models special on the Battle of Britain with scale drawings to compare dimensions with kitparts. When I start it, I'll will post a link in this thread for those interested.*
    And yes meissner, I will add pictures ;)


    *disclaimer: build will be OOB, and being an average modeller, some faults may be blamed on the builder :D

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  15. 3 hours ago, Ascoteer said:

    I sense a Shakespeare moment




    Oh, I don't know if that's a good idea. 


    Reading Mr. P's reaction to the close up photo of the mudguard, I immediatialy have visions of Hamlet....

    And if the skulll is missing (young Winston playing a round of footballl  soccer with his mum for instance), an alternative is at hand.....




    "To scratchbuild, or not to scratchbuild, that is the question:
    Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
    And by opposing end them. To die—to sleep,
    No more [....]


    We wouldn't want a fellow BMer on the brink of despair, now would we?



    So, staying in the spirit of the soviets, lets quote Lenin. "What to do?"

    Maybe using the tinfoil of a winebottle is an idea? Easily shaped, the slots can be made with a knife with the plastic part as master.

    Or, my way (the easy way of course): find an example of a Fencer that doesn't have the cheesegrater....


    Taaadaaa!!! No Parmigiano  in Togliatti? Yeah, I know, probably got knocked of somewhere down the line, But you don't know for sure, do you?


    Full size picture:






    Oh, and while I'm very late to this build, I just want to say the model looks as good as this thread is. 
    Will be looking forward to the finish! Keep up the good work!


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  16. 15 minutes ago, Dave_R said:

    ooh! - Matchbox very much the Donald Trump of this vote.  :unsure:


    well, come to think of it, he's one of the original Matchboxkits... all plastic, blue for the suit, yellow for the hair and orange for the head! :P

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  17. i discovered I didn't have an early spit, aside from the two bladed one. So time to build one, and fitting in this build. The airfix mkI, mostly because U really like the graphic design of this one. The letters and the roundel a bit too bog for the airframe...
    DW-K it is, as in the box.

    Although I want one with an open canopy... which means cutting the kit's canopy...

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