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  1. And last for today, but not least. I've made a plan for the caravan. Based on the photo and the size of the pilots, I made a rough sketch of the size. Next is to make a 3D model out of this sketches.... I've found some pictures of this kind of carvans in civilian use though... that's a great help!
  2. The wings went together easy as well. I cut the rudders to make them more interesting with a bit deflection.
  3. As it was Easter, I had a little time and started the build. Nothing special on the interior, and the sides went together without any problems. I really like to open the hood, so I cut out the side door.
  4. Yes, exactly this. The more I read and see (documentaries) about this, the more I understand the tremendous strain they were under. And the more I respect their tremendous courage. "We just had to do it" For me. looking back, it is both understandable and incomprehensible that those men could do it... But they did... and I'm thankful they did. Again: it's my small 'Thank You' to those who were so invaluable in defending the last free country in Europe at the time and all those people in Britain who had to suffer defending it. You may or may not know it, but, hearing fro
  5. Just to be clear: I'm gonna scratch build the caravan out of carton. I think it is quite doable, so let's hope it is gonna work. The car and the plane are "old fashioned" kits, so that will be no problem (I hope... Pilots are from both airfix and revell sets, so no big problems there (well, I gotta paint them... ) They will differ in size, but men in real life do too!
  6. The source of the waiting pilots is this great photo: It really has all of it. The men waiting in front of a camouflaged caravan, a dog, the planes, a rather fancy car, and last but not least, the garbage can. I'll try to scratchbuild a caravan, and hope to get some pilots out of a few kits. The car I already have a substitute. When I saw this in the modelshop I just couldn't resist it. Simple kit, but so to the point....
  7. Hi Chris. yes, Photobucket can... well, what you said! I now use postimg.cc Seems to work.... I'll try to post some more. The waiting pilots are based on a great photo, will be up in a short time... well, hope so anyway... stay tuned!
  8. Well, I think I know how to enter pictures. The box: The sprues:
  9. The Battlle of Britain was, when I was a kid, already something mythological. These brave men, with the magnificent Spitfires and Hurricanes, who defended the last free place in Europe against the Nazi war machine. Growing older, I realised how much human effort went in to this battle. Reading more about the men, you come to understand that with this great victory and the magnificent machines, the toll on them was immense. I want to honour those men (in my own humble way) by building an Airfix Spitfire, but as a part of a diorama. I am fascinated by the photos of waiting pilot
  10. Well, count me in in this GB! I'm trying to shake my personal Britmodeller curse (the last two GB's I joined I couldn't finish because one of my close relatives had to go to hospital), so let's hope it's third time lucky. As I discovered, I hadn't build a Battle of Britain Spitfire yet... Yes, almost impossible to imagine at this site, that I/m still allowed to post at all... So I'm in with the Airfix 1/72 Spit. But I want to make a small diorama out of it, so I'm going to try to recreate a pilots waiting for scramble. as a small thank you for the few who were so crucial in saving
  11. Just voted. Some difficult choices. But thank you people for getting involved and for setting up GBs and getting the support. Even if 'ÿour' GB won't make it, I (and probably many other members) do appreciate the effort. It's great to have a choice. And of course: a big thank you for Enzo M. for all the administrative work! And now it's waiting for december... which ones will be on the calender? Always exciting!
  12. Hi Patrice, great to have the DC2 included! I'll be saving my DC2 kit for this GB. And with Enzo Matrix confirming the GB for 2019, it gives me the time to get some DC3 kits and decals as well. Now I just have to be strong.... don't build it yet... don't build it yet... (and an other voice in my head says: just build it... time enough to get some other suitable kits... ) Lookning forward to this! Thanks Patrice and Enzo for putting it on the calender!
  13. Hi Patrice, I had to search the site for a bit, because I was sure I've seen this thread, but couldn't find it. until now. I'm in! Hopefully we now have 25 participants for sure? so we are set to go I hope? (although that last bit will be in the hands of the moderators of course) How can I not participate? So many great schemes (civil and military), even different countries (the DC3/C47 and their Russian and Japanese sisters). And of course, my dad being an active member of the Dutch Dakota Association (DDA), which meant I was really close and personal with the DC3. After all,
  14. Oh no-no.... this is what I was afraid of.... Dear Miss, no no no no no, please don't reach for your skillet . i apologize. It is all completely my fault and mistake.Everything is... you name it, i've done it... My sick mind (men eh, pffffff) melting images of a "slightly mad maiden aunt who regularly gets pished on Bushmills' slot". with an iIrish priest in a TV-show.... it's just sick!!! of course you are better looking, taller, smarter and in no way comparable to the obnoxious father Jack character. I must confess that your stories are very worthwhile.
  15. I;m sorry chaps and chapettes.... Next to the wonderful build, I just can't seem to shake of my mental picture of the BM-procopius family.... I don't know much about the Brady bunch, but this comment from Debs and the knowledge she's from Ulster seems to have triggered my fantasy... Debs, may I see you as a kind of female father Jack from the Father Ted series? And if so, isn't it quite believeable that there is room for modellers in onesies, modellers that face existential crises over an only in his eyes not perfect mudguard, while at the same time there are those who ar
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