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  1. Thanks for your help guys, seems the way to go may be to paint as instructed then overpaint the red area with the blue, - though that could make a purple/maybe. Best I practice with the spares I think. As for the repeat codes, I am not sure but think not, I will check when I get home. Thanks again Ian
  2. Hi all, I have a question concerning a project I am working on. I plan to build the Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1A Corsair as a Royal Navy craft, and have been collecting items for a while. I have decided to paint as many markings as possible and to this end have purchased the "MonteX" super mask set # K32333. the masks and paint guide show standard (I believe) far east markings of a blue and white tail flash, and blue and white roundels on the fuselage. But the wing roundels are as follows: Outer ring of Blue then a red ring, and finally an inner spot of white. Is this correct? as I dont think I have ever noticed this arrangement before. Any help would gratefully received. Ian
  3. This aircraft is sooo ugly that it is absolutely stunning, and the craftmanship is seriously impressive.
  4. love this aircraft, and what you have done with the eduard kit. It is a nice kit but I agree that the undercarriage is very brittle,,,,,,, go on ask me how I know...
  5. Never seen this plane before, what a cutie,,, love the model, congrats Ian
  6. Absolutely stunning! There is little else to say.... Ian
  7. Robin, I think you nailed it : "the kit is wrong ...... It does look like an F5.... It is fun." That comment sums up this kit perfectly, and I can confirm I will be doing more of them,,, at this price it would be rude not to. Ian
  8. Hi I have just heard about this group build, and you can count me in for my first group build, I love the F5 and the Talon. I noticed questions at the beginning of the thread concerning the Tiger Hobbies F5a, and if anyone is interested I have just completed it. It is a mixed bag but overall a fun and satisfying build for £9.99. below is the link to my RFI, which in turn has a link to my build. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234986429-148-tiger-hobbies-northrop-f-5a-freedom-fighter/ Ian
  9. Thanks for all your comments. I totaly agree about the panel lines, as mentioned in the post they are so dark that the walkway markings have dispppeared. It is a little strange, under my work light they did not look quite so bad, and then after the flat coat they seeemed to get worse. Added to this is the obvious mistake of using such a dark colour in the first place - though in fact the wash I used was the same one that I used on the Talon which definitely proves it was the kits fault and not mine....Honest! . I considered removing them and having another go, but in the end decided to let be. It looks ok if viewed from a distance,,,,, ...about 6 feet & low light for instance. lol As far as the shading goes, overall I am pleased with the outcome and really like the scheme, I just feel that the lightening on the dark green along the spine is a bit much of a contrast giving an unatural effect. But hey-ho we learn by our mistakes i suppose Ian
  10. Thanks for your comments guys. Reini78, I think you are right, it does not look correct - to be honest I had not noticed until you mentioned it - I have checked and it is the way the instructions show it, and as a one piece assembly it is the only way it will fit without surgery. Oh well I did say I wasn't sure of the accuracy........ £9.99 inc postage comes with its own cost I guess. Ian
  11. This is my first RFI and is of my Tiger Hobbies F-5a. The WIP can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234985528-tiger-hobbies-148-northrop-f5a/ I recently completed the Trumpeter Talon II, and this inspired me to look for a quick build to run along side my more involved Hasegawa Skyhawk. A search on flea bay found this kit, and for £9.99 inc postge I could not pass it up. The kit is overall a fun build with plus' and minus'. The fit is good, the end product looks like a Freedom Fighter, the decals are cracking, and the process is fast & fun. On the flip side theinstructions & paint guide is basic, the panel lines are deep, the detail is generally "soft", and I am unsure as to the overall accuracy. Without more ado........ The deep & wide panel lines with a panel wash is a bit OTT, as can be seen here where the walkway lines are almost hidden by the wash, but it was a quickie so whatever lol... The decals went down fantastically and look superb in my opinion. The cockpit was basic, but a wash and dry....... -brush sorted that out. The freedom Fighter is an awesome looking aircaft. Though my post-shading on the dark green is way too much. The underside was basic, and generic. The kit supplies all 5 pylons, but only three drop tanks, JDams from the spares box (though almost certainly wrong) sorted that, and added a contrast on the grey underside. Alongside my Trumpeter T-38C. It may be a basic kit but it stands up! Talon on its own.. Finally the F5a is placed on the shelf. I enjoyed this kit, like the finished article, and can thoroughly recommend it....... though I cannot guarantee its accuracy. Thanks for looking Ian
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