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  1. I know I like a good Meteor but I went to turn out my stash today and found this lot... I cant actually remember buying them all which probably explains the fact I have two identical Mk.8s. My first thought was as I have two I will do one of the Mk.8s....question for the group do I get judged if I don't use the resin (or all of it) There is quite a bit and its mostly going to be hidden in the cockpit!!! Cheers Dave
  2. Thanks Col. I have a stupid work schedule over the next month (and I also have signed up for a meteor) but wanted to join in here as well. Dave
  3. Sorry if this is a stupid questions but would the Vasteras air show scheme count as a special scheme. It’s the on,y thing I can find in the stash that’s close 🫣
  4. Thanks Steve. Your F104 looks fab. Anymore updates?
  5. Not sure what Hastings duties are MM but I think you know what I meant
  6. Ok back for 5 days and had a final push to finish my F104. And here she is… All in all an enjoyable build and a nice little kit. Thank you everyone for your comments and reactions. Cheers Dave
  7. Cheers MM. Didn’t get to see anything in person but did do a fair bit of “research”
  8. Double snap but mine was my prized 70/80s Star Wars toy collection…have never recovered
  9. So I have gone on holiday and for the first time in 3 years we have gone abroad to lovely Portugal. Whilst I am loving the sun, sea, sand etc I realise that one massive bonus of holidaying in the Uk for the last 3 years has been the ability to take some modelling with me. I reckon I have done 50% of my years modelling whilst on hols over the last 3 years. Anyway I don’t have any models with me and a quick Google didn’t find any shops nearby so I am spending more time than I should on certain model shop sites and Britmoddler . I have also realised I have a couple of unlisted photos. This is where I have got to. I will hopefully get to thE decals very shortly on my return. Cheers for looking. D
  10. Cheers Thank you. Looks ok but must get better with the airbrush.
  11. Looking good Enzo. As MM said any tips very welcome. I have one of these waiting to be built
  12. Looking good. I have one of these I may build as well. Where did you get the pilot? D
  13. So some progress made. Purchased the relevant Hakata Red series paints for modern German Luftwaffe. Sprayed the first colour: Went on pretty well over a bit of pre shading. Full admission here i am not good with airbrushes. Tried a few options to mask the camo but to be quite honest I got stuck. Nothing really worked. Tried blue tack, paper masks, cutting tape....it all was a bit off. So reverted to brush painting the camo! Not proud. As always looks better in the flesh. Cheers for looking. Dave
  14. According to Scalemates this is their own work originally from the mid 90s. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-03904-lockheed-martin-f-104g-starfighter--1162145#
  15. A mossie has always been a favourite and this looks like a lovely build. Top work.
  16. So despite the lack of posts (I keep telling myself stop building and post) I have made quite a bit of progress. It is a vey nice kit and everything fits together as it should. Vallejo aluminium and Citadel Nuln Oil wash for the undercarriage. Really recommend the wash especially if you dilute it and apply the second layer in a localised manner. To my mind she is looking very nice. Cheers Dave
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