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  1. I’ve not long finished the A Model Hawker Hector so will tag along to watch a master transform these kits.
  2. That is superb work both in the detailing and the painting. Thank you for posting it.
  3. That’s very nice. I like the subtle weathering and don’t see anything wrong with the photos.
  4. Evening, Thought I'd post some progress with my current build. Having just unexpectedly managed to complete an A Model Hawker Hector in time for the Dunkirk anniversary at the end of this month I thought I'd attempt another aircraft applicable to the operations at that time - the MPM/Revell Hudson Mk.I, this is the Revell boxing. I'll be doing the 206 Squadron option and there are plenty of photos of it on the IWM website, such as this I think I'm going to do the underside in Aluminium, seems to be the correct colour for the time period, end of May and very beginning of June. Also some of the shots on the IWM site appear to show a glint that I wouldn't expect from Sky - yes, guessing colour from a B&W photo. I'm not 100% convinced but it could be right and it will make a change. I've read a few threads on the building of this kit,especially @CedB's treatise on it Clearly there is some fun ahead! Most of the last week has been spent on the internals and anything interior green. The green is Mr Hobby H58 Interior Green, though I've just bought a new bottle and it is a very different colour to the above. The green has just received a wash of burnt umber and Payne's grey oil colours. I've painted the interior and exterior of the nacelles as I build wheels up and am hoping to get the undercarriage sorted and then masking off. Having got a nice finish with the Alclad Aluminium and Mr Hobby gloss I've subsequently found out that the exhaust is in the wrong place and doesn't look like the real thing anyway. The cowlings have received very careful attention from a dentist's burr so the engines now fit without losing any detail. The engines themselves have been painted in various blacks and silver washes with the gearbox in grey. On this pair of cowls one of the locating pins has been removed as it causes a step in the join. The kit includes quite a nice interior I'm not sure how much of this will be visible as the glazing is marred by flow marks. The grey 'stool' in the middle is the base for the wireless operator's chair. I can't fit it yet as I haven't sourced the operator chap. I think I'm going to be ordering some silicone rubber and resin later and trying to cast some replicas of various figures raided from the stash. It was disappointing to go through the Airfix Wellington, Whitley and Lancaster in the stash and find that the only crew member was a single pilot in the Lancaster. I've also opened the door on this bulkhead and replaced it with one made from plasticard. The office is quite nice if not accurate and is awaiting a driver. Up next is getting the crew sorted before they end up stopping the build, working out the correct orientation of the engines and assembling them into the cowls, correcting the exhausts and getting the gear 'up'. I've put a piece of 40 thou plasticard in front of the cockpit as suggested by the instructions but there will also be a piece of 10 or 20 thou going in front of the turret housing to try and improve it's fit. I think a spreader is going to be needed to the rear of the housing to push the fuselage out to match the housing. Plenty of fun ahead Andy
  5. Thanks for the comments, very much appreciated. The paints for the brown and green are MRP Dark Earth and Dark Green. The underside is Mr Hobby Sky. The stand is home made, the benefits of running a business around a laser cutter. I'm possibly thinking of adding them to the business with custom name plates. Brass rod and tubing is from Eileen's Emporium and the greenery is from Green Scene Troy, many thanks for the photos and the link - I've spent a while perusing those, plenty of inspiration. As for the aerial, I missed that and as you say it would be very easy to rectify - one to remember for the future. Cheers Andy
  6. I've recently been building the A Model Hawker Hector and as something of an easier distraction completed this starter kit in time for VE Day last week. It wasn't without its issues - the starboard wing was/is somewhat warped though hopefully not too noticeable now. The main problem though was the canopy, the kit came with that for a Spitfire Mk.22. Airfix are going to replace this once their spares start up again. Thankfully I have five others liberated from Home Bargains. So canopy number two came from the stash, was duly masked up and went through the paint process along with the rest of the model. Unfortunately when the masks came off something had got between the canopy and the doghouse. As I'd only used PVA to glue it on I tried to prize it off only for it to suddenly give and then split in two. So what you see in the photos is canopy number three which was painted by hand with the aid of a cocktail stick for cleaning up. Paint is mostly MRP. The Dark Earth seems a bit too dark to me. Metallics are Alclad and the chipping was achieved with Ammo by Mig Scratch effects. Not entirely happy with this as it's a lot more chipped than I was intending on, though having covered some of it up I discovered that some Hurricanes during the Battle of Britain were quite heavily chipped. The remaining weathering is a mix of Flory Models wash and oil paints. Exhaust stain is Mr Hobby Tyre Black followed by a mix of mid grey and light brown. Cheers Andy
  7. Our Aircraft Paint Stand has always been a popular item. MOS6510 Models has done a review of it on YouTube and has some useful advice -
  8. The camel is the Eduard mold. I’ve got one in the stash so looking forward to this.
  9. It was straight from the pen. It's really easy, you just have to remember to leave it to dry for a long time.
  10. This is the first car I've built since the 80's. It was started in the 90's (I think) but quickly shelved. This year I decided to finish it off. There are a couple of firsts for me - Zero Paints and Molotow Chrome pen. Alclad gloss was used for the varnish and AutoGlym car polish to get a shine (and polish out the fingerprints I kept putting in it). There are quite a few issues with the car such as the engine bay not bearing much resemblance to the real thing. This wasn't helped by having to remove the rocker cover in order to get the bonnet to shut. The windscreen is too wide, so the side windows taper in and there is no fuel cap or reversing lights (I think these were standard, but may not have been). The bonnet isn't fixed and has slipped on a few photos, but it doesn't fit particularly well anyway.
  11. Eyebrow tweezers and a metal nail file. sewing pin for applying the glue
  12. We've recently started work developing a new jig aimed at aligning wings and helping to ensure that each side is angled correctly. The photos below show the first developments on the tail plane. The jig will also aid the setting up of the main plane. It is early days in the development of this jig and we are very much open to ideas and suggestions. The plane shown is the 1:72 Hawker Hector from A Model. The initial development will be aimed at 1:72 but we intend to also produce it for 1:48 and possibly large scales.
  13. Hello and welcome to the EBMA Hobby & Craft sub forum. So, who are EBMA? We setup in 2017 to produce a range of storage units to help organise your workbench. The range is designed and produced in the UK, mostly being laser cut from MDF. The variety of storage has and continues to increase and we've added a number of tools and jigs to aid model making. We've attended a number of shows over the last couple of years and will continue to do so. The range is also available through our website We're a small company that prides itself in listening to what you the customer wants and we try and implement suggestions into the designs, so we'd love to hear from you. Over the next few months we will be introducing storage for the following paints and pigments etc, Revell paints Zero paints - separate drawers for 30ml and 60ml bottles along with a drawer that will take a mix 35ml+ bottles. i.e. those commonly used for storing pigments Mig Productions/Abteilung pigment bottles - the strange 'D' shaped bottles of pigments (not the big ones) Railmatch / New Humbrol acrylic Additionally we hope to introduce a new wing jig that we are currently developing (see separate topic).
  14. I’ve found a company called skytrex that do the Red Cross decals. I need them for my K2 as well. https://www.skytrex.com/20mm-176th-scale-decals/1027-ad83-british-red-cross-markings.html
  15. Dennis, WIP, Seahawk, Thanks for your responses. I'm going to get hold of some of those Alley Cat exhausts. I'm using MRP paints and their OD comes in two forms pre and post 1943. I'm using post 1943 for the main body, perhaps I'll get a bottle of the earlier version for the control surfaces. As for the nose a paint patch is probably more likely than the neutral grey wrapping further up than usual. Now I've got guess at the colour of the patch. I'd guess that it would be a green, either some form of OD or RAF Dark Green. Cheers Andy
  16. Hello, I'm currently building a representation of the original Kwicherbichen in July 1944. There are plenty of photos of the current Kwicherbichen but the only contemporary photo I can find is this one https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205211346 The border between neutral grey and olive drab varies from plane to plane, but Kwicherbichen's nose appears to be unique. Is that lighter colour the neutral grey wrapping up higher than elsewhere or is it a patch of a different colour? The rudder appears to be a different colour but is this due to a change of angle. The rudders of these Dakotas also appear a different colour - https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205211773 The Airfix kit doesn't cater for the porcupine section of the exhaust on Kwicherbichen. Does anybody know of a suitable source? Cheers Andy
  17. Thank you Seahawk.
  18. Does anybody know of a source for the yellow outlined codes in 72nd scale? I’m looking at doing Willy Tait’s plane from the third raid later this year.
  19. Hi Martian, I’ve used MRP paint a few times and really like them. I used them straight from the bottle and with a low pressure, 10-15psi. I also used Mr.Hobby thinners for initial cleaning the airbrush out. They’re lacquer based so use in a well ventilated space. Also there have been odd reports of bottles breaking when people have shaken them so probably best to not be too vigorous with them. Anyway, give them a try and you’ll probably enjoy them. I’ll be using a few bottles later to hopefully touch up the black basing underside on the Wellington which is very, very slowly crawling towards transfer time. Andy
  20. Looking forward to this, especially how you deal with the rear canopy, as I have plans to do the Grace spitfire albeit in 1:72.
  21. Some of mine are nostalgia, certainly this one is and it may not have got this far if it wasn't, it's really not worth the effort with more recent kits available. It does depend upon your motive though, if you enjoy and are prepared to put the effort in then you probably get more bang for your buck with the older kits than with the latest hi-fidelity easy fit super kit. For example this cost me about £7 I think whereas the new Airfix was about £28 and the older one includes a crew, albeit some of them look like they may be relatives of Martian. I'm just waiting for the re-issue of the 88mm and half-track. I do wonder how many kits I must have built as a kid, I keep seeing people building older ones and thinking, "I had one of those, I'd forgotten all about it." I'd love to know what happened to them as well, I know one spitfire got flown into the wall - can't remember why, but have no recollection of binning any others. Very slow progress on the Wellington - the engine cowls have had the exhaust rings masked off (previously painted) and the tape sealed with klear ready for painting. I'll look forward to it. Andy
  22. Thanks Martian. "quick stress busting build", think I've been building this about as long as you've been at that Albatross, which looks very nice by the way. Soon, soon but it will probably be a couple of weeks or so as I need to get some different blacks from the LHS to do the black! If only I could manage it at work! Thanks John. I've built two in the past, but have no idea where they went, nor any of the other models from my youth/childhood. Only a small amount done tonight but the brown has been extended downwards in the couple of places that were a bit short and a few other places touched up. Andy
  23. Well it's been far too long since I updated this thread. My apologies but life caught up and it became difficult to get much modelling done never mind photograph it. The Wimpey has plodded on, only taking a backseat whilst I got a Mosquito and Do17 across the line and also did some test weathering on a paint mule - more practice required! Much of the work has unsurprisingly been fill, prime, sand, repeat, It's now reasonable and the time has come to put the top coats on. I'm having a go at black basing. I had a test of pre-shading but wasn't convinced by it, plus there's not exactly a lot of panels on the Wellington. Yesterday I marked out the camo outlines and applied the dark earth. Then before going out (Bohemmian Rhapsody is well recommended) I put the Mr.Hyde putty on - and applied some more black primer to cover the brown overspray. This morning I went for the dark green and the great unveiling I knew the putty would move overtime but didn't expect it to be overnight - rats! I've spent the rest of the day trying to rectify the black. Here she is with two coats of Klear It's been a lot more work than I was expecting. I think I'm happy with the black basing, but I'm probably going back to white tak worms rather than use the putty again. I'm too slow at masking to be able to rely on getting the masking and painting both done in a single evening. There's a bit of touching up to do on the sides of fuselage where I've not brought the colour down far enough and I need to apply the colour to the engines as well. I've gone back to using the kit engines rather than the Lancaster's mainly due to not being able to work out what to do with the exhausts. The Lancaster's were clearly different to the Wellington's but photos of a Mk.III's exhausts are hard to come by due to them being 'twixt engine and fuselage. I'll try and not take so long before putting up another update. Andy
  24. Hi Rich, do you have a website for your decals?

    1. RICHW


      Hi andy     if you are on facebook   search for  RichWs Model Airliner decals and  ask to  join the  page i will add you   i have a full decal list   if you want to let me have your email 



  25. Thanks guys. Not had chance to work on her this week and I’m off on a big bike ride tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get some modelling done on Friday and catch up with you then. Andy
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