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  1. Cosford is off. Things are looking grim up North. As a trader from Manchester this is pretty dire. Our next IPMS show is Milton Keynes and then a week later the Scottish Nationals in Perth. After that we're hoping Stoke and Avon can sort something out, otherwise we're all the way around to Telford. The model railway shows aren't any better, we've got Stafford in February and I need to contact Macclesfield about their show in March, but that's it. Cheers
  2. Hi Ed, We haven't got anything yet. Another customer has suggested storage for the Tamiya sanding sheets and it's possible that the two may be combined. What I'm probably going to do is something like a toast rack so that the sprues run from the front to the back of the unit. I think that is at 90 degrees to your suggestion, but will hopefully reduce the restriction on size of sprue, i.e. they can be bigger than the width of the unit. As they say, watch the space (but don't hold your breath!) Cheers
  3. It sounded that way, but it was a brief conversation.
  4. There was someone with him on Sunday who was going to be taking over. I was asking after the Landrover engine and gearbox as separate parts to go into Revell kit and the new chap said he’d bear it in mind for the future.
  5. Hi Jack, The underscore meaning a second aircraft makes more sense. If I remember correctly 195 was born out of C Wing of 115 Squadron, probably explaining the commonality of the squadron code. 195 also used JE at the same time as A4. Cheers Andy
  6. Second attempt at the O. This time I've maintained the 6" brush stroke across the chamfer. Still not sure it's correct, I think the chamfer may be too small this time.
  7. First attempt at drawing up the main codes. Quite happy with the A and 4, but I'm not sure about the chamfers on the O. The D in the photo is quite a bit narrower than the A, so I adjusted @JackG's figures accordingly. There's quite a bit of rust been removed from my maths this morning!
  8. The problem with the website seems to be certificates. By default the links are https, i.e. require a certificate. However, by trying http instead I've got onto the website. I've also pinched the two photos and added them to my flickr site so they can be embedded. The OP has been updated to show things working again. Additionally, I've found a close up of Wille the Conks nose showing the individual identification mark. http://www.wcnhistory.org.uk/imagery/rp-012-003b-webnormal.jpg Cheers
  9. The Wratting Common website is still unavailable, but I've managed to grab a copy of the main photo for this topic, see OP. I can't get one of the front of the aircraft though.
  10. Yes, I put up link to a photo of A4-D as an illustration as I've not come across any photos of A4-O. I've even had to guess that there was a good chance she was fitted with H2S - I don't wish to know if anybody knows that she wasn't . The Wratting Common website does seem to have disappeared unfortunately.
  11. Hi Jack, Many thanks for your efforts here. I shall have a go at drawing up the markings based on your dimensions. Cheers
  12. I'm currently building a 1:72 Lancaster to represent NG186 in which an old boy from the school I went to was the flight engineer on the night it was shot down - 7/8th March 1945. The plane flew as A4-O with 195 Squadron out of RAF Wratting Common. There's a website with quite a bit of history of RAF Wratting common including some useful photos, unfortunately none of A4-O. What can be seen in the photos is that the application of the markings for 195 Squadron aircraft was unusual as can be seen in this photo http://www.wcnhistory.org.uk/imagery/rp-009-001b-webnormal.jpg Does anybody have any idea about the font and dimensions, particularly of the '4'. I'm hoping to make a first go at using a Silhouette cutter to make masks for the markings. The aircraft also all seem to have had identification markings at the front of the fuselage as on Willie the Conk in this photo http://www.wcnhistory.org.uk/imagery/rp-001-010-webnormal.jpg Again, does anybody know the font and size. Not all of the aircraft had the letter underlined. What happened to the crew makes unsavoury reading and the various forums that reference the happenings of that night are not consistent but it is safe to say that three or four of the crew, including Alan Robinson the flight engineer, met their end at the hands of the SS rather than the Luftwaffe. http://ww2talk.com/index.php?threads/shot-down-lancaster-ng186.24529/ Cheers Andy
  13. Beg to differ, but both Manchester and Birmingham have shows. Manchester Show Don't get your hopes up though, this year's show has been 'postponed'. The Birmingham show is a small affair at somewhere called the NEC. Cheers
  14. We will be attending two shows in the remainder of this year. 10th October - Blue Lamp Model Exhibition, Tally Ho Conference Centre, Pershore Road, Birmingham, B5 7RN 13-14th November - Scale Model World, Telford. For 2022 we currently only have one show booked but hopefully we'll start the year with Bolton Show closely followed by Halifax/Huddersfield. 5th-6th February - Stafford Railway Circle, Staffordshire County Show Ground.
  15. We’ll be there with the EBMA stand.
  16. Finally back home. We’ll unload the car tomorrow! Thoroughly enjoyed the day and a big thanks to Avon lads for putting the show on. We haven’t been before but I suspect that it was quieter than normal, I suppose that is to be expected at the moment and probably not a bad thing for a while. We’re happy with how the day went and look forward to more shows and returning next year. Cheers
  17. We'll be there with the EBMA Hobby & Craft Stand. It'll be newly extended so that we can show off all the new items we've added to the range over the last eighteen months.
  18. Mark, Troy is correct, I have a set of Airfix Hurricane wings currently spare. If you want them let me know and I'll post them off to you. Cheers Andy
  19. We've recently introduced a new unit to our range of modular storage. The unit is designed to securely prop up your tablet or instructions and can be angled to suit. Alternative sides are provided to blend in with the existing range or as a standalone unit. Full details on our website.
  20. Following on from our Rod, Tube and Wire Store we've just introduced a new unit aimed at storing sheet materials such as plasticard, card and brass. It also has sections for storing strip materials. The Sheet Store has a range of slots, varying in depth so that sheets can be stored even after they have been partially used. There are three drawers and an open tray to enable the storage of smaller bits. We can also supply the Storage Tubes to protect thin strips of material from low flying plastic aircraft and tanks and to stop you getting poked in the eye!
  21. Hi Tim, We may at some point produce a spray booth. There's nothing planned in the immediate future though we did produce a custom one last year for a customer. An airbrush stand is likely as I could do with one myself. We won't produce a turntable as 'lazy susans' (cake turntable) are cheaply and readily available. There is one fly in the ointment - currently we can't ship to North America due to insurance issues. We'll review this again in the future but at the moment the insurance costs are far higher than the sales have been. Cheers Andy
  22. Absolutely fantastic build. Very impressed with your build skills.
  23. Terrific build, Ced. Really enjoyed following this and the result is a tribute to your perseverance.
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