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  1. @keefr22: Thanks! I’m not on Facebook, but I found that Dutch dealer’s site after 15 minutes of deep googling. He replied to my enquiry immediately. The kitsforcash prices are roughly the same numbers as the Dutch dealer’s, except his are in euros, and KFC‘s are in sterling.
  2. Good to know! I’d still have bought it if I’d heard it was the most pinhole-filled, worst-fitting loose formation of parts in kitdom, because my heart melts when I think of that car. Flat 8, 350hp, 1500lbs. And the look of it: a sentient, aggressive little Roomba.
  3. Smashing model of an absolute unit. What a beautiful brute!
  4. I’ve got a grail coming. Someone’s finally put out a 1/24th scale kit of a Porsche 908K with a roof. Specifically, the one Elford & Siffert won the 1968 Nurburgring race with: http://www.racingkars.com/en/hikashop-menu-for-products-listing/product/35-1968-porsche-908-k-nuerburgring-vic-elford-jo-siffert-1-24-ddp-models-kits I’ve had an Elford-signed photo of this charismatic little monster flying over a bump, all four tires clear of the ground, on my office wall for a few years, and if I don’t make a mess of it, I’ll have a model of the wee boggert on my table bef
  5. You two are making this old armchair modeller, who, a hundred years ago, would spend every pre-teen month’s allowance on Airfix kits, want to burn his armchair behind him and actually sally forth and assemble and paint something. Educational and inspirational. What a thread.
  6. Those dual rear wheels make it teeter on the knife-edge of propriety.... in the best possible way. Top-notch model.
  7. Nogent-sur-Marne, 1979: Thierry: Hey, chum. Where you been all week? What’s new? Didier: My great-uncle in Provence died and left me his farm. Thierry: Hah! I can see you now, milking the goats! Didier: Me neither. But his old jalopy was in the barn. And it runs.... Thierry: So? Didier: You’ve heard of this new thing, the Paris-Dakar rally? Thierry: (...) Didier: Well? Whaddaya think? Thierry: That..... Didier: Go on. Thierry: That is an EXCELLENT
  8. “Have you finished painting the stealth tail numbers on 407, Airman Fangio?” ”Yes, Sergeant!” ”Good. Camouflage, as you know, is all important. Now. See that 30 litres of signal yellow? This is what I want you to do next...” (That bird looks the business. Well done!)
  9. What a beautifully-decorated tent-peg! You’ve done full justice to one of the prettiest shapes to ever leave a drafting table.
  10. My aunt assembled Mosquitos at De Havilland Canada. When I told an aviation museum curator that, 35 years ago, he graciously let me go past the ropes and chin myself up into the open bomb bay of an intact but largely unwashed Mk.XX bomber variant for an unforgettable peek up its skirt. I still remember the “mood” of how it looked inside, and your rendering of the interior colors and textures looks dead-nuts on! Smashing model!
  11. Inspirational workmanship. And those beautiful soft USN colors... A very pleasing model to look at.
  12. Moderately-obscure prototype, uncommonly-modelled, and with a family anecdote to go with it. I like it all.
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