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  1. Stalker, You've got a good list already. If I were starting out again, or on a budget, here's what I'd get: A good quality hobby knife A good sized cutting mat to protect your furniture A bottle or two of thin/extra thin cement. The tubes of glue that you get in 'starter sets' aren't the best to work with, in my opinion. A bottle of PVA glue for clear parts Paints of your preferred brand and colour. Enamels, Acrylics, it's up to personal preference. A selection of good quality paint brushes A selection of good quality tweezers A selection of good quality files A pair of hobby scissors Sanding sticks in various grades A tube of putty A can of thinner A can of brush cleaner Above all, a new modeller (or returner) should have a kit that they like and want to build. In your case, it looks like you've already identified your interest.
  2. Thanks guys for helping me get to get to the *ahem* bottom of this.
  3. Okay. I've done a quick interweb search and found that seats with square backs (described as being 'for Export') are non-existent in 1:32. Is it as simple a lopping off the curve on a 'standard' seat? Regarding Sutton harnesses, I had no idea that there were various types K, QL, QA, QP etc. Does it matter which I use?
  4. Thanks for the tip Jure. Do you know if they would have used Sutton Harnesses or the American type?
  5. I’ve managed to snag Trumpeter’s 1:32 P-40B (Tomahawk 2a) for a reasonable price including postage, but what details I would need to add to make a good model of that mark in RAF service? I know that’s a broad question, and it gets to the point of deminishing returns, but I’m open to suggestions.
  6. Antares 1:72 Seahawk SC-1. Representing a Seahawk assigned to the USS Little Rock circa 1947-48, Brush painted, with some scratch built details. Decals by Techmod. Comments, criticisms, jokes, etc welcome in the build thread, located here
  7. After a short hiatus, she's done! More pictures in the gallery
  8. Thanks, I enjoyed the build. The kit is vintage by today's manufacturing standards, but it looks like a Thunderflash in the end and looks good on my display shelf. I made a few mistakes, but learnt some new skills.
  9. BlackAck

    HK Lancaster ?.

    This kit looks drool worthy, I asked SWMBO about the possibility of purchasing one, who said no. Something about paying the mortgage....
  10. BlackAck

    Old but New

    Welcome back.
  11. She's done!! More photos in the gallery
  12. 1:72 scale Belgian RF-84F Thunderflash circa 1955. Italeri boxing, OOB Comments, questions, jokes, etc in my build thread located here
  13. So, I made a bit of a miscalculation. The NATO black codes I planned to use from my stash were actually 1:48 scale. So, I made my own instead. Fortunately, the scheme isn't too complex. I'm going to let everything dry and then seal it.
  14. Welcome to the forum. You've built some really colourful models there.
  15. My first thought looking at the first picture was "what's the problem here? I don't see it", it certainly looks like a Blenheim to me. Of course, if you're not happy with it, it's still a learning experience and you'll know better next time.
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