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  1. My attempt at the F-18A prototype, the first scale model I ever built
  2. Thank you all for the comments.
  3. So, it's been some time since I posted on this build. Here is my progress to date: The kit supplied instrument panel has been dressed up with some spare decals. The layout is wholly fictional, but it's an improvement over what was originally supplied. The kit supplied pilot dresses up quite nicely for a figure of this age. He looks like he would be the type of man to have a name like Vivian or Crispin, or Ernest.... And here's everything taped up. There's next to no space once the pilot is in, so I'm even less worried about internal details. Now for the bad news. I have been informed that I am moving house in three weeks, so I'm not sure that I'll get this built before the move, but there will be time after, I'll do the most I can.
  4. Thanks Ted. The striking 60 squadron scheme isn't included in the kit. I think they chose it specifically to separate little boys & girls from their pocket money. A quick RAF serial search for the kit option 'C8740' reveals that it falls into the range of serials allotted to SE5a's. That's it.
  5. I must confess, I've just purchased an early Jag boxing and the Wellington BIII. and am waiting for them from the post, so I'll keep my eye on this build. I noticed the exploding cottage on the Jag box art found it odd as well. To my knowledge, the Jaguar never dropped ordnance on English or Continental dwellings. I suppose it was to show how the 'cat would be used if the Russians poured across the wall. Either that or the Royal Engineers made an ill-fated attempt to supercharge a tea-urn and the hapless Jaguar rupert just happened to be zipping by... who knows
  6. Thank you for the kind words. However, I have to confess that in the cold light of day, I found my efforts at pinstriping were not nearly as good as I had hoped. I was struck by inspiration on a work conference call with lawyers.. so after work today I set about fixing the hornet using strips of tamiya tape cut into 2mm wide sections and painted white. I am much happier with the result.
  7. For my next trick, I will be rebuilding Lindberg's ancient SE5a in 1/48. This will be more of a 'traditional' model build, actually requiring glue, paint, decals... rigging My original attempt at this kit ended up a gluey broken mess on the shelf of doom, so I hope to have better results this time around. I hope the fact that Lindberg didn't even rig the display model for the box top isn't some omen of bad fortune.
  8. How's this for an update? The only real change I made was not using the '3' numeral stickers. The background blue is completely the wrong shade. So, I scrounged regular decals from my spares instead. I'd like to think my eight-year old self would be proud of this. It's actually a good little kit for someone starting out. A child could snap it together in a few minutes, slap the stickers on, and be ready to fly, while an older child, or returning modeller could embrace the challenge of painting it.
  9. While the paint dries, I thought I'd wash the SE5 bits. I assume I'll need a new thread?
  10. Welcome to the forum Darren, it's a friendly place. Are you building anything at the moment?
  11. A nice entry to this gb. I'm almost positive I built this kit too when I was young.
  12. Thanks for the support. Here's today's progress: With a better view of the red hydraulic warning edges, super fast progress considering. It's starting to look like an F-18, at least from a distance. The area around the exhausts needs touching up but the blue paint is wet, so I'm leaving it alone for the mo. For a Snap Tite kit, to paint the FSD blue scheme as seen on the demonstrator aircraft, it's surprisingly complex. Thank goodness for masking tape.
  13. Today's progress: Since the Hornet is a Snap Tite kit, it feels a bit like cheating, but it's taken all afternoon to get to this point.
  14. After some diligent searching in my mini aviation library this afternoon, I found the magazine the accompanied the two original kits. Very fitting for this forum that a British two-winged jobby is on the front cover. I am sure that rigging sadists - cough I mean enthusiasts will be able to identify it.
  15. Good Greif, that's a big one! <puns intended>
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