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  1. As a Dundonian.. I approve! Except for the dubious east End London accent of the small boys.. (unless they were evacuees... ) Mine's a plehn' peh
  2. Thanks for all the kind words! It really was a nice simple build, and I was using it to try out a few new things hence the fading and general weathering - I just tried not to go too far with it. Another nice learning experience. Might be something jet-shaped from the stash next. I have to say I've never built a lightning (and in the previous incarnation of the hobby as a lad I must have built well over 200 planes!) So.. it might be the Airfix 72nd one next. Cheers!
  3. Well.. there seems to have been a couple of these about recently! Here's my effort.. I chose the RCAF 442sq one In advance: the photos aren't great, taking with the phone camera and they're good enough for me, just not studio quality I have absolutely no complaints about the kit itself, it all slotted together perfectly adequately - Is is a rebox of a Hasegawa one or some other? I should also mention as well that this is the first time I've used an airbrush in anger directed at more than just sheets of paper The only real issue I had (not really an issue) were some of the decals - the letter codes are very thick for this particular version, probably because they're two colours and probably printed on top of one another - and the yellow wing strips.. straight to the bin Ohter than that.. the Humbrol Spray can Matte coat seems to have frosted a bit - time for something else there! The aerial cable is probably a bit over scale, the camo pattern isn't perfect and I maybe went a wee bit far with the weathering (and I just noticed the landing light lens has fallen out! Arg!) but I'm happy how it turned out as a (re)learning process. If there's any tips any of you have for future builds, I'm all ears So here's some pics: Cheers!
  4. More work done before it's finally finished (it actually is now ) Painting almost done, decals on, just the little bits to sort, bombs on, wash, weathering canopy etc.. Decals went on a treat, except for the letter codes.. they were really thick compared to the rest, I guess that's because they are two colours, and it's one on top of the other.. never mind. It really was a great kit to build (is it a rebox of Hasegawa?) Here's a couple of quick pics: And one final quickie now that it's finished.. I'l chuck a few more up in RFI. ..And that's my second proper 1:48 kit after coming back to the hobby, and first ever thing I've airbrushed. Pretty happy with how it turned out! Right what's next from the cupboard.. 72nd Airfix Lightning, Trumpeter F-100, Hasegawa Phantom or Revell Dambusters Lanc... or 48th Hasegawa F16b, FW190 or one of two Tamiya 48 Mossies... or the big one... the 32nd Mossie I got for my birthday?.... Aaaaaaa!! Too much choice already! (and I know that's a tiny stash! Think it might be a jet...
  5. Quick update to this one.. Undersurfaces and top camo done, prop and undercarriage added too - Klear coat done for decals too.. A few things learned from the airbrush too as I go along - namely *thin that paint some more!* I'm pretty happy with it so far, a few little bits need touched up like the leading edges, and I know the camo isn't perfect, especially the pattern on the left wing, but it's the first thing of any shape I've aimed an airbrush at - next up for some practice is a 1:72 Airfix Yellowjacks Gnat Decals and a bit of weathering next when I get a chance, here's a couple of pics: Cheers!
  6. Stunning! I need to get a couple of smaller builds under my belt for more of a refresher and practice with the airbrush.. then I'll start mine. This will be a large chunk of inspiration!
  7. Nice! Gives me a little push to the my MkIVa finished! Did you use clear orange for the underwing light? I only ask because I have some, but no yellow
  8. Right.. so it's been a while..Life got in the way a bit, but there's a bit of an update.. Got the fuselage, wings together and stitched up. Trying some pre-shading too, but I don't think it went that well, may have to thin the top coats a bit more, steep learning curve with the airbrush Also done the yellow parts, got the underside painted last night, as well as the grey on the top surfaces, freehand. Next step, figure out what kind of masking will be best for the green / OD. I'm thinking of trying some thin blu-tak sausages and tape to give it a very slight feathered edge rather than the solid lines I'm used to with paintbrushes. Loving the airbrush finish so far, it's leaving a lot more surface detail intact, but you probably all know that already anyway! Some pics: Cheers!
  9. Burple

    F-16 Aggressor

    Thanks for all the help guys! That's quite a lot of choice out there Loving the look of the Fightertown decals - the only Danger now is that I want to go and build EVERY F-14 on all their sheets!! The Caracal sheet is pretty nice too... this might take a while! Also.. to use the Fightertown site and see more of the decals (there's 4 pages of 1/48 stuff), make sure the page URLs read like this: For Page 1: http://www.fightertowndecals.com/48TH_DECALS.html For Page 2: http://www.fightertowndecals.com/48TH_DECALS_PG2.html For Page 3: http://www.fightertowndecals.com/48TH_DECALS_PG3.html For Page 4: http://www.fightertowndecals.com/48TH_DECALS_PG4.html I'd assume this also works for the other scale pages too... Cheers! Ewan
  10. Burple

    F-16 Aggressor

    That's awesome thanks! Exactly what I was trying to find. I remember waaay back I did a 1/72 single seater like one of those dxm ones - fujimi or hasegawa if I remember.. I tried to use afterburner's site.. think it's broke too could you post the link to the dxm one again please? I closed the browser.. I'm not fussed about not being the right model, just using this one to rediscover the skills Thanks for your help! Much appreciated!
  11. Burple

    F-16 Aggressor

    Hi all, Looking for a bit of advice. I recently won a '48th Hasegawa f-16B plus on a well known auction site, and I want to play about with it a bit. What I'd ideally like to do is make it a two-seater aggressor rather than the nomal old grey on grey or go the other way and go for the green / grey lizard camo route.. Any ideas on the best place to get a decal sheet paint guide? My ideal would be one of the blue(ish) schemes or the 'arctic aggressor' like the tamiya kit. I'm not really too fussed about it not being the 'right' aircraft model for the scheme, it's all more about getting some practice with something a bit unusual and the airbrush as I get back into building. Any hints in the right direction would be most appreciated Cheers! Ewan
  12. Ok.. decided to take the plunge and do my first ever WIP for this one.. Sixth model since a 12 year break, and only the second ever at 1/48. This will also be my first ever airbrushed one as well. So no pressure there then, this might get 'interesting'... It's going to be completely OOB, so no cheeky wee resin or etch parts. I'm also doing it (as ever) just for fun, so there may well be a little bit of artistic licence on the details just to make it look interesting, and a couple of things like the interior green may not be the right shade, but it looks like a 'plane to me All the interior etc will still be brushed too. So far, everything has gone together without any hassle, cockpit almost done and wheel wells painted up (I took the photo of the wells before the wash had dried - It looks a bit better now.. also used the kit decals on the instrument panel - they're drying So some photos: Next is to get the cockpit and other bits in, and join up the fuselage halves. Still have to decide which scheme this is gonna be in - four choices from the box: It's going to be one of the camo ones... just not sure which. Love the sharkmouth, but I'm edging more towards the 442sqn one, as it just seems to have a 'bit more going on' (technical term) Thanks for looking, and I'll try to take on board any advice shared!
  13. Hi all, Been lurking around these parts for a while now since I got back into the mangling of plastic, so I thought it was about time I posted a kit! I used to be a furious modeller 12 years or so ago, and ran out of time an life got in the way. I recently started up again tho with a couple of small 1/72s like I used to build, so this is my first real try at 1/48. I liked the look of the Italeri Hurri, and I know it's not a perfect kit, but I gave it a go -It looks like a dirty Hurri to me The plan was to make it look well worn and used.. I'm not going to profess to be mm perfect, I'm doing it for the enjoyment, so with this kit, I know it's isn't spot on, but I really enjoyed it. Built pretty much OOB with the exception of Master gun barrels, and a home made 'Azure blue' (humbrol mid blue, white and insignia red) Entirely brush painted with humbrols except for the spray matte topcoat which went a little bit misty..arg! Humbrol wash, tamiya weathering kit for the stains etc, and silver pencil. stretched sprue for the cable too. Despite any faults in the kit I really enjoyed building, so much so that I'm straight onto the next.. an Italeri (ex Hasegawa?) Mustang IVa in Brit colours I just got an airbrush too, so that's my next mission.. Here's some pics: Any criticism welcome to help me re-learn! Cheers! Ewan
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