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  1. Oh okay, I see. I did that because the original image was very large and I was afraid the size would be cumbersome. That's why I downsized it and reuploaded it to Photobucket. I now see though, that all my photos appear to have been sized automatically to be equal in width. If that's the case, I could replace the photo with a direct linked one.
  2. I always thought that the 737 was one of the most widely available kits, but I wasn't aware that they're not in Revell's product line anymore. I did know that airliner kits are scarce outside Europe. As for the Airliners.net picture, my apologies, I will change it when I make my next update. I figured it would be okay because it has the name of the owner of the photograph and the Airliners website in it.
  3. Hello everyone, This is my first building report on this forum. I am building the standard Revell Boeing 737-800, but with the quite extraordinary 'Flying 101' paint scheme from Kulula, a South African airline. I will fill and remove the panel lines on the fuselage as an experiment to see if that looks good, and maybe I will draw some of them back on with a pencil after painting. I'll leave the lines on the wings as they are, though. The winglets in Revell's kit are horrible, but I have not used aftermarket replacements. I simply made them a bit slimmer and didn't heighten them. I am als
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