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  1. Oh, that is fantastic! Thanksforsharing.
  2. My pleasure. I hope you find what you are looking for.
  3. Thanks. Under the wingsonly the individualletter appeared in black, in the case above the "A".
  4. A typical Bf 110G-2 from this time would look something like this (my drawing):
  5. Here'sthe page in question:
  6. Yes, that would be 13.(Z)/JG 5. They flew pretty much standard Bf 110G-2s at the time, sometimes with an additional twin MG 151 canister under the fuselage. Unfortunately, I know of no image of 1B+NX from this time so its specifics are not known. But it was almost certainly finished in standard RLM 74/75/76 colours with black codes. The story of your father's shootdown from the German perspective is to be found in Erik Mombeek's JG 5 chronicles,Vol.1. p. 217, but only in German, unfortunately. Let me know if you want a scan of the page. Kjetil
  7. As someone with a special interest in the Argentine aircraft generally and especially of the Malvinas war, it never ceases to amaze me how alive the "threat" from Argentina still is in the minds of many British. This thread was interesting so thanks for all the input. I too, will be most eager to see what Argentina eventually ends up with regarding their interceptor force. To me the JF 17 does not seem too bad a choice, but from a modeller's perspective that plane is just ugly! I think the MiG-35 would be the best choice, though, if the Argentinians could ever scrape together enough financial support to buy the numbers needed.
  8. No problem, mate. If you need more info on Soviet bombs I have a WWII German report detailing them with great illustrations. Kjetil
  9. Sometimes we need to be reminded! Especially about aviation books, there is so much we want to get hold of, right!?
  10. I still have this installed but it is a special modded version amde by me and a friend fo mine with new damage modelling and much more accurate flight modelling based on original documentation. We have several A-20 versions in the game and there are many types of Soviet bomb load outs available, including soem with FAB 500, I think monted externally on the side of the bomb bay pon big racks like some of the later versions used in Soviet service. It is an old game now and a bit outdated graphically, but man, it is a good game with an enorumous number of plane types available, both the original and our mdoded game. There is still a forum devoted to it with its own modding community but they use different flight models and damage models than we do.
  11. The best info on the operations of the Ta 152 is actually Axel Urbanke's long article in Luftwaffe im Focus No. 29. I strongly reccomend you get hold of it because it dispell some myths and sets the records straight on several counts. That's where I got my info. Kjetil
  12. Ofw. Sepp Sattler belonged to the Stabschwarm of the Geschwaderstab of JG 301 which had green numbers. I am afraid it is not recorded what Ta 152 he flew when he was lost. The following Ta 152 individual numbers of the Stabschwarm of the Geschwaderstab of JG 301 are known: Green 5, Green 8, Green 9 Kjetil
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