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  1. Here is my representation of Rodens kit which was far from simple build. No contact pins, with insufficiently defined locations for the wing struts, very brittle plastic that often made thin parts to break while removing from the sprues. However, my biggest problem was the lozenge decals, brittle, hard to cut, hard to conform to the surface, and in the end some blisters appeared. I would advise anyone who has this model to invest in an aftermarket set and save themselves the hassle. The model was on the shelf for a long time, but in the end I decided to just finish it with as little trouble as possible. Rigging is Uschi's super fine and fine threads, Gunze matt finnish, weathering is artists oils, I am far from being satisfied with all the details, but on the other hand, I am glad that I did not give up to finish it in the end.
  2. As always, I enjoy looking at your finished models, Roman. Great work, painting, weathering everything. Quality of photography is great too.
  3. Great work. I like how you managed to achieve such realistic paintwork. It is mottled, scratched faded very convincing. Did you yous hairspray technique or scratching fluids?
  4. Thank you, for the water I used Vallejo Pacific ocean acrylic effect. For the waves I used Vallejo Foam effect.
  5. Although it is not my sphere of modelling interest, I will follow this build. As a kid, I was visiting my grandad in UK at the time Desert Storm started and we watched SKY news live coverage of the attacks, pink Tornados were very frequent on the screen. Great work so far guys keep us posted.
  6. Thank you guys, I appreciate your feedback. I still have two more carriers in my stash one is Fujimi Akagi and second is Tamiya's Zuikaku.
  7. Beautifully done, like nice contrast between red, green and NMF. Nicely faded antiglare and D-day striped surfaces. As always, great photos.
  8. This is my first excursion into ship building since my primary school days. Built OOB just to see if I would be interested in it. I used decals to represent wood decking For the base I used styrodur base, watercolour paper and vallejo pacific ocean acrylic and vallejo water foam. I like to look to model ships but I am reluctant to use those big PE sets.
  9. Fantastic, I loved how you painted it, just enough details to significantly improve the old kit. Great work. I have old Airfix RAF R.E.8 i would like to rebuild, this I will use as a reference.
  10. This is my representation of Heinkel He-100 carrying false propaganda markings of a fictive He-113 during Battle of Britain. Special Hobby 1/72. Typical short run kit, nice surface details, but not many problems with fitting. Kit includes miniature etched fret with seatbelts, instrument panel and wheel covers. Very interested plane, such nice lines, had innovative pressure cooling system which include surface of the wing leading edge to cool liquid, aerodynamically effective, but venerable.
  11. Finished this kit few months ago, but only recently decided to take photos. It represents Fujimi 1/72 Japanese Imperial Army’s Nakajima Ki-43 I Hayabusa, 1942 Burma, Major Tateo Kato machine. Gunze colors, used etched wheel covers, engine grill, instrument panel and seatbelts.
  12. Great work. I love the how you painted it, especially camo on fuselage sides. Is it freehand all the way?
  13. Thnak you @Mig88 @gazza l @Remus389 @Alpha Delta 210 @TheOxley @Bobby No Mac @Sky Keg regarding the greenhouse it was easy using Eduard masks, Glad you like it.
  14. I like the finish, I think you achieved the weathering look, loved it.
  15. Thank you IanC, I think you are right, I should have put pigments. Thank you a lot @Bertie Psmith @HansReggelsen @Wulfman @FatFlyHalf @Col Walter E Kurtz @RainierHooker @Greg Law
  16. Tamiya 190 is excellent kit, I enjoy this stress-free builds. Gunze paints, did not experiment a lot with the weathering.
  17. New Airfix He-111 was worth waiting for all these years. Great kit, straightforward build, OOB except for the Eduard canopy mask and seatbelts. Gunze colors were used. Weathering was done with Mig fluids and artist oils. As my several latest kits, this one was also started in the Group build but finished well after deadline.
  18. Both builds look great. I love how you presented both subjects and explained in detail the variants. I followed your build as well. Great job, I must hurry to open my Tamiya Mossie.
  19. Great work. Not an easy kit that is for sure. I am quite impressed with scratch built in the cockpit and wheel wells both are very prominent in finished model. Loved it.
  20. This kit is looking great, you did great job! BTW, Just few days ago, local movie channel aired 1966' movie "The Blue Max" in which Morane 230 is acting as a new German Fokker EV monoplane fighter during WWI.
  21. Thank you, @kapam for your kind words. I am still only experimenting and some of the stains are not fully intentional. There is still a lot of room for improvement. @Giampiero Piva, @Learstang, @Farmerboy @Flight Line Media @Duncan B thank you guys for your kind words.
  22. Thank you very much guys @28ZComeback, @Pyradus @Flight Line Media and @Sky Keg Grazie @GiampieroSilvestri Hvala @Nikola Topalov Indeed playing with paints is my favourite part of modelling. I am glad you like it.
  23. What to say about the model: cheap with satisfactory details on all surfaces, but with non-existent details in the interior, so I was forced to cut openings in order to add only a few details inside to act as the interior. Machine guns look like broom handles, landing gears barely satisfying, with no wheel openings. It has ridiculously sized antenna mast over the cabin, so it has to be scratch built. Alternative to this is ICM model which has its difficulties too so it is a trade off. Pity there is no better model of TU-2 which is not insignificant in both its numbers and design with such nice lines. Also from modelling perspective there are bunch of interesting camouflages, so it all led to the point that for the fist time in over 25 years I am modelling a Soviet airplane. I also experimented with black basing on it, but using complementary colors for the marble effect. As I wrote in the topic about BF 109 that I worked in parallel, I note that this effect is much more successful to do on one-color camouflage, or like here on lighther and larger areas. The colors used ar AK Real that I used for the first time with Mr Leveling Thiner and everything went okay. They can be mixed with Gunze colors, and have a slightly fruit like smell compared to Gunze. Weathering was done in the following order: Tamiya fluid pin wash, then matt varnish and dirt with oil artistic paints using W&N mineral spirit. I tried it first with Humbrol Thinner which I used to use regularly in combination with oil paints but this mineral spirit is really much easier to work with and didn't damage the matte polish at all. I hope you will enjoy the pictures. Cheers!
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