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  1. Smithy, just checked the Sqn ORBs for 85 and 43 and as you say, A Flight quotes codes whereas B flight quotes serials. 43 also quotes serials. In case you aren’t aware the National Archive are allowing digital downloads for free during lockdown if you have an account, accounts are free to create. All RAF ORBs are digitised so are free to download. File refs AIR 27/703/19 and /20 cover 85 Sqn during Sep 40 and AIR 27/441/17 and /18 cover 43 Sqn in the same period.
  2. The Air-Britain serial listing has this built as a Mk VI, the only difference from the Mk I being the higher power Hercules engines. Canted tailplanes were introduced in production at some point but also embodied on earlier aircraft as a modification, so for earlier production aircraft, the Mk number is not a guide. To be definitive you’ll need a photo of the actual aircraft.
  3. The UK Apache AH Mk 1 does not have a folding tail pylon, nor does any other Apache variant!
  4. A rivet head that is 1/4 inch diameter in real life will only be about 3 thousandths of an inch diameter in 1/72 scale, and if countersunk will be invisible.
  5. This photo is LS472 at China Bay in September 1944. Its IWM photo A25849. A25848 shows it being craned onto the lighter.
  6. First time I’ve tried this. I hope these links work! https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ata9gakfuOrQg6oCXSMv-CqmQ_J2ow https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ata9gakfuOrQg6oEHsLcPbgEaTJ8kQ
  7. The RAF does not have any Merlins, they all went to the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm.
  8. The photo in the 2nd link has nothing to do with the crash of KK194 apart from illustrating a post war Dakota in a much later Transport Command scheme, 1960s probably.
  9. Lovely kits but not an RAF aircraft of course. It was operated by the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm.
  10. Thanks, I try to post weekly but normal life gets in the way sometimes. Off to Wales for a family break so won’t be in tomorrow or next Friday but I will be posting as I’ve been sent some photos to post.
  11. The Cobb is just out of shot on the left. The double gable end building is The Cobb Arms.
  12. Your contract was with the vendor so just take it back and request a refund or replacement as the goods are not fit for purpose.
  13. South Korea has bought some.
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