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  1. I've got an old devilbiss aerograph super 63. I dug it out from the garage a couple of weeks back and have been using it with propellant can. It seems to give good coverage with thinned down paint. I have now ordered a AS18 compressor and looking forward to trying it with compressor later this week. It obviously has the has the fine flow needle/nozzle set up with original (1987) washer. I've looked at getting a replacement washer for the nozzle and seen that there are both rubber and PTFE washers available. which would be the best choice. I use acrylic paints with eitherr Tamiya or Humbrol acr
  2. This looks like more photo's of the model in the Malta Air Museum. http://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=1408
  3. Reading this article. https://scarfandgoggles.wordpress.com/2013/05/09/gladiator-survivors-3-what-hope-for-faith/ What is in the Malta War Museum is a hastily botched up airframe taken from a dump in a quarry near the airfield the Gladiators flew from. The fact it has a 2 blade prop is not reliable nor is that the arrestor hook is not fitted. It could have been fitted when flying. Here is model from the Malta Air Museum. I wish I'd been there last summer. We went into the war museum but didn't get time to go out to the Air Museum.
  4. This is from the RAF BBMF website. 29 August 2017 News articles by date Following the recent pause in flying our Merlin-powered aircraft for safety reasons, OC BBMF said: “Please see below the MOD’s latest release on the subject of BBMF Merlin engines. As I hope you all know, my aim is to keep these vital and unique artefacts of Britain’s proud history in the sky forever. To do that we sometimes have to take extra precautions, with our eye sharply on continuing safety, to ensure that we can keep them flying for future generations. I thank each and every one of
  5. It came today (ordered Thurs.). My eye sight isn't that bad that I Ned reading glasses, yet. It seems good enough for me and bright enough. I just painted, and corrected some of the faults, the pilot of the Hurricane I'm currently making. I'll see how I get on as my eyesight goes off over the next few years and I need reading specs.
  6. I've just ordered on of these. At £24.99 it looks a bargain. The one at hobbycraft is a 7" lens as opposed to the 5" from Maplin. And 28W not 22W. But the Maplin light is £100 cheaper.
  7. Just checked, after letting sponged water dry and it seems OK. What do others do to get a matt finish after decalling?
  8. No gloss coat or gloss finish. I want a matt finish so no reflections. I will have a go at sponging the residue after dinner (which I'm just about to have).
  9. I hung on recalling the Spitfire I recently built until I got some decalfix. Today I got some from local Hobbycraft. I watched YouTube clip on Airfix sight about how to use it. It seems to have left a shiny residue on the paint finish. Is this normal? How to I get rid of it? Decals went on brilliantly onto acrylic, brushed on, paint. Vid says it is suitable for matt finish but doesn't mention leaving residue. Do I just leave it overnight and dab off with wet tissue or do I need to add a clear (matt) varnish? Any advice or links welcome. Pete
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