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  1. Thanks guys for all your input, i'm very much obliged, I think I'd better do a bit of shopping. Thanks again and a merry Christmas to all of you. Kev.
  2. Thanks Dave, much obliged. Kev.
  3. Hi Folks, I'm just about to start a resin kit and just wondered what the best glue is for resin. Cheers, Kev.
  4. Hi Folks, Just wondered if anyone has tried C1 Metalizer powder, if you have what sort of finish did you get and what base colour did you use and was there any problems with the panel lines. Cheers. Kev.
  5. keflin2612


    Hi Folks, I'm building the 1/35 Tamiya Russian JSU and I want to put a dent into one of the fuel tanks and don't really know how to go about it, I don't want to use direct heat 'if I can help it' and just wondered how you guys go about it. Cheers.
  6. Hi Folks, Does anyone know if the Germans had any type of insignia on their tanks to denote it as being a prototype, like the British had a 'P' on their prototype aircraft. Cheers.
  7. Sorry, I should have said "silly me" 1/35
  8. Hi, Could someone tell me please, what is Tamiya's newest tank kit and where I could find a list of all the newest armour. Cheers.
  9. Hi Folks, Just wondered what you guys use as a last coat, I use a clear matt finish but I'm not sure if that's the best or not, does anyone use a light satin finish. Cheers. Kev.
  10. Hi Folks, Just a quick one, does anyone know where I can purchase a 1/35 scale Reichsadler stencil. Cheers. Kev.
  11. Thanks Jack, I'll take a look into that. Kev.
  12. Hi all, I'm going to start building my first 1:35 scale resin truck but it doesn't come with windows so I'm going to have to make some from a flat clear sheet, does anyone know where I can get such a clear sheet from, what it's called and what thickness I would need. Cheers. Kev.
  13. Hey folks, Any one know where you can purchase the White Storm models 1/35 scale Ehrhardt M.1917. I've got there email address of Facebook but I've had no answer. Cheers. Kev.
  14. Yes, I should have said "silly me" sorry 1:35 scale. I was thinking of trying a hair dryer but I don't think that's really going to be an exact science. Kev.
  15. Hi Folks, Just about to start my first tank build and I want to do some fender bending, can some kind soul tell me what's the best way of bending the front fenders to make them look like bent metal, I don't want to go to over the top just look like it's bumped into the odd wall or two. Or a link to a good youtube demo would be good. Cheers. Kev.
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