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  1. I will put pics here when is finished. This is a very friendly site but if you dont build planes....or perhaps military stuff, you wont get much interest. I will keep checking it of course but will post only finished models, build threads if I get into a military model. Im thinkig of a specific tank for my next model so who knows.
  2. Anyone interested in following this build can see the progress here: http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/modeling_subjects/f/4/t/165037.aspx Will stop here since there is no interest in this build. Guess I will post later if I build a plane.....
  3. Got a nice stand for the Falcon. A bit of a nightmare to make it fit well but looks the part. Will post better pics later. 20150408_164410 by nenekinkin, on Flickr 20150408_164326 by nenekinkin, on Flickr What you think?
  4. We have a "rolling chassis" now. Body also mocked up. I believe it would make for a vary interesting subject to photograph. 20150406_185156 by nenekinkin, on Flickr 20150406_185235 by nenekinkin, on Flickr 20150406_185340 by nenekinkin, on Flickr
  5. Chassis and suspension almost complete. Subtle weathering done to make it look more machinery, clean and well maintained. 20150405_200506 by nenekinkin, on Flickr 20150405_200557 by nenekinkin, on Flickr 20150405_200623 by nenekinkin, on Flickr Any comments welcomed...
  6. Thanks Houston! Guess this build is not as popular as would be a more exotic car but, man, what I wouldnt give to have a cool van like this in my driveway! LOL! Rear suspension almost complete. The more involved side of thi build is the interior, whcih I plan to complete with real carpet and perhaps some real wood paneling, as 70's as I can possibly make it. 20150405_161948 by nenekinkin, on Flickr 20150405_162013 by nenekinkin, on Flickr The exterior color scheme will be this: That screams 1970s for me! Thanks for looking!
  7. I feel like Han here...Solo. LOL! Anyways for anyones who cares I continued completing the front suspension. Weathered the tires a bit as well as some dry brushing the wheels with flat black for a more realistic look. Struts were painted and installed. Last pic shows the complete front end, tires are mocked up only. Before and after dry brush 20150404_165449 by nenekinkin, on Flickr Tires before and after sanding 20150404_172956 by nenekinkin, on Flickr Complete tires and wheels 20150404_174509 by nenekinkin, on Flickr Front suspension plus tires 20150404_195552 by nenekinkin, on Flickr Thanks for looking!
  8. Continuing scratchbuilding things I made my own struts with aluminum tubing using the original plastic ends. Really like how they came out. This is a very difficult kit from poorly formed parts to subpar instructions and poor fitment. Unless you have a lot of kits under your belt I wouldn't recommended. 20150404_125657 by nenekinkin, on Flickr
  9. Front suspension components including the two scratchbuilt springs. 20150403_191529 by nenekinkin, on Flickr
  10. Currently finishing the other spring. Will leave the differentials a neutral gray and will add some glossy coat to them. The whole red thing is a bit much for me. The nut and bolts in this piece were added by me, Verlinden detail items. 20150403_153803 by nenekinkin, on Flickr
  11. It was the right thing to do.... New springs....the kit ones were crap. 20150403_134556 by nenekinkin, on Flickr 20150403_134626 by nenekinkin, on Flickr
  12. I continued detailing the thing even though it will be mostly hidden. Added plug cables and butterfly nut over air filter cap... 20150402_200757 by nenekinkin, on Flickr 20150402_200838 by nenekinkin, on Flickr Thanks for looking!
  13. Very well done! Great weathering and finish.
  14. Thanks!! Currently waiting on the display base. Will take pics once I got it.
  15. Fram filter....I know it wont be seen but I just felt a moral responsibility to detail it a bit more..... 20150401_181728 by nenekinkin, on Flickr
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