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  1. The new KP MiG-21.It's a modified RV or same ? http://scalemodels.ru/news/11493-anons-Kovozavody-Prostejov-1-72-mig-21mf-r---litniki.html
  2. Any news from this model ? The release date on the HLJ site is july 2016. http://hlj.com/product/icm48901
  3. Colorful Hungarian Air Force marking with a standard 3-tone paint And one other with a special farewell paint, when the planes were whitdrawn from service. (With very worn shades of the paint) One of some special "hungarian" paint, called: Cápali (English called Shark-Paul ) The other special Albatros is the "brother of Cápali". The only one hungarian Albatros with a NATO standard grey color. He's name Cápeti II (In english Shark-Pete II) (The name is second "Shark-Pete", because the first plane with this name, was one MiG-21bis. The 1904 board number bis was a very famous hungarian military plane, which flew some airshow in Hungary, and Fairford in 1993. Now exhibited both planes (Cápeti&Cápeti II) in Szolnok city, the new Rep-Tar museum project. ) And one oldie.... The name is "Zümi"
  4. Hello! I ' ve searched on a net for some drawings from the famous Valkyrie. I found this draws: http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw/xb70valkyre.html These are accurate ? I ask this, because the model, the walk around photos and this draw showed a lot of differences. I should some detail photo, or draw from the wings upper surface. Can anyone help me ?
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