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  1. Nige, The Scammell Scarab is still sitting in the "Too Hard" box for now, might be . Just want to do something with a little less detail and a bit of fun , so have dragged out my KV-2 Tank caricature and am doing a Panther Tank caricature build: Just a bit of fun and a chance to use 'artistic licence' .
  2. Colin and Nige, Have decided to create some valuable bench real estate and move this to the 'shelf of shame' for the moment. Nige - wouldn't leave ya to fend for yourself , plenty of other smaller fun builds laying around that need some TLC. Be prepared for some "oddities" to be crossing my workbench .
  3. Well I'm not sure if I'll continue with this project for the moment. It appears I've made few botch-ups with a couple of areas . I've checked and triple checked all measurements but cannot workout where or how I've messed up . Not being one to shy away from admitting or showing my 'failures' here goes: the two arms coming off of the track frame are not meant to intersect (and its not a case of just shortening the arms, as that will throw out other dimensions): Might just pack it away for now, have a rethink once I've calmed down a bit more, then decide is it rebuild or bin time.
  4. Resin casting this type of thing isn't really a viable solution, neither time or cost wise. I can have the entire lot made in far less time than it would take to wait for the RTV to cure. Plus if you factor the cost, it's pretty much a no brainer (particularly if you have a very limited budget). Also the amount of work involved later with aligning, drilling and gluing the resin pieces this will easily triple the amount of work involved by simply using styrene from start to finish. This is where the 7P's and KISS come into play: Keep It Simple Stupid i.e. don't create additional work fo
  5. Colin - only one got harmed in the making of the rollers, the first 'trial' one. I always apply the old army adage - the 7P's = Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents P s Poor Performance. Anywho on with various other areas, yay nice simple scratching - Track frame time: As always, feel free to point out any scruffy areas or mistakes. Best method of critique is from "fresh eyes and minds". More to follow _ _ _ _
  6. Neil -oh so close to the truth Colin - I'll let these few photo's explain my method for the rollers, any Q's just shout out: And to answer the first unasked question - yes the mini-drill is running with a speed controller (about 200rpm for this type of work). And to answer the second unasked question - no the photo is not back to front. I'm left-handed so it's easier this way. Till we meet again _ _ _ _
  7. Time for some boring repetitive work, track rollers , as you may guess not an area I was looking forward to: Made a start on them (note to self - must finish these) . Updates - whenever
  8. easyAl - your not missing much at the moment in little ole NZ (unless you follow cricket/rugby/politics ). Nige - all in good time my friend, will let the others play catch-up first . But there has been progression (albeit minor). A couple of GB's (on other sites ) are providing a welcome distraction at the moment. Plus still working out which half-started half-finished projects should be continued, made into spares or binned - lots of things to keep my brain amused. Cheers all for popping by.
  9. guys As previously stated, please feel free to point out any shoddy workmanship, errors etc. etc. Installment #3: Lower track guards, nothing but nice simple basic scratch building : More to follow _ _ _ _
  10. Hi ya Bob, The scale block is something stolen from the paper modelling fraternity . I'm sure 99.9% of the members wouldn't have a clue as to the size of an NZ 10 cent piece - so - at least the cm & inch scales are universal . lordairgtar - yep 1st rule of scratcing is to break the subject down to it's most basic shape then build up in layers (reverse onion peeling). Cheers to all.
  11. Nige, Looks like it's time for me to get or . Haven't seen much activity for a while now . Have a go at doing just a little piece now and then and I'm sure the lust for plastic filings and dust will soon reappear (I know you're thinking ​pot kettle black) . Hope to see some progress soon.
  12. Rich, here and just stumbled on your build, I'm impressed, very impressed . You have certainly chosen a unique and challenging project and are making a darn fine job of it, something for us mere mortals to look up to and aspire to achieve one day. Hope the build continues well.
  13. Installment #2, Thanks to all for those having a looksie and comments. Thought it was time to slosh some glue around and see if any parts stay together : amazingly some parts stayed together and it sort of resembles 'something'. Updates after this short commercial break _ _ _ _
  14. Installment #1: Change of direction for me - normally I do the hard parts first, however this time I thought I'd be kind to myself for a change and start with some easy parts. So if this build lowers the standards any : and a small assortment of bits'n'pieces: Cheers for having a looksie, please feel free to point out any ugly bits of building or any mistakes or anything that doesn't seem right - I'm always open to "fresh eye's" and opinions.
  15. all, Needed a change from wheeled things (too lazy to scratch any tyres), so decided to try building a crawler. Being too tight to by Trumpeters version (plus it's the wrong scale) it was a case of doing some research and pestering overseas contacts but finally I had enough info to start the hack'n'slash . First off, better show where I hope to head i.e. 1:1 plan, GA view - So know we know what/how it's meant to look, next up it's time to make some flat plastic sheet look similar . Till the next installment _ _ _ _
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