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  1. I'm well peed off..we are at our caravan in Pickering..been looking forward to this for ages..it was flying from York over to Scarborough..right over our camp.saturday morning up til lunch was crystal clear sky's,lovely and warm..from 1 pm,the clouds came in thick and fast right on time for the fly past.we had cameras and binoculars at ready,stood on the highest vantage point and saw and heard nothing..was gutted.ten mins later a fabulous YouTube vid was posted of it circling Scarborough bay...how we missed it I will never know I'm seriously gutted. Daz
  2. Lovely looking phantom..I really want to continue with mine but time won't allow just yet..seeing photos like these just annoy me as I can't get on..brilliant work mate Daz
  3. Just got back..great day had by all..weather was dreadful,but we made the best of it..finally got to go in the Vulcan.my boys went in many cockpits.we made some lovely new friends also . Hope tomorrow has better weather for you all Daz
  4. Well I will be wearing my f4 phantom t shirt,but judging by the weather forecast,I doubt you would know,lol.. Daz
  5. Well,we are coming from our caravan in Pickering North Yorkshire.setting off about 8am.arriving about 10am. Daz
  6. Yeah,I know they can't get it right..besides,it could be knee deep in snow for all I care,I've been looking forward to this for months. Will I see you arround tomorrow? Who would I look for? Would be nice to shake hands and thank you for all your efforts Daz
  7. Woo hoooo...can't wait..I'm there tomorrow..weather is looking dreadfull but,hey ho,it won't dampen our enthusiasm Daz
  8. My boy is super excited..he's hoping to get hold of a pilots helmet at the jumble.he has his money saved up and also a stack of 50 pence pieces for the cockpits...5 days and counting Daz
  9. That's brilliant guys,thanks for your help.im a bit gutted actually as my lad came home from school a few weeks ago,raced in screaming " dad,did you see the Vulcan?" I was busy fitting a kitchen at home and bleddy missed it...typical. Daz
  10. Don't suppose it's coming anywhere near East or North Yorkshire? Daz
  11. I can't wait for this..only a couple of weeks left... Daz
  12. My lAd saw the Vulcan last week..I missed it..typical... However,we were at our caravan at Sinnington just outside Pickering yesterday,and a tornado flew over our van at approx 80 ft..very very low..was fantastic Daz
  13. That is very nice indeed,and very well built...top marks from this end Daz
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