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  1. Absolutely stunning great finish looks like a kit build the pieces go together so well. What's next? Another British sub?
  2. It does seem odd but clearly they must have solved the noise problem. I always wandered that too that the planes would be useless till the boat is submerged. However I suppose dive times aren't as important aboard a nuclear boat. I'm still looking for weird and wonderful subs, my favourite is the Soviet Yankee specifically the notch, such a cool subject. Shame OKB arent selling them anymore
  3. Nice work, i've been interested myself in this sub, such an odd design choice. makes for a great model though
  4. Nice models, that Juliet is pretty cool, might try building one in 1/700 scale if I can find some decent reference.
  5. Great build where are the floats for the Seiran? was it meant to be a one way trip? I think I remember hearing they were going to attack the Panama canal
  6. Two gorgeous builds they must be quite a size. Did they ever find a Seiran in American markings or was it just accounts from the crew?
  7. This is a remodel and repaint of my previous entry HMS Safari. I filled in the hull sections and added some additional pieces to make HMS Sealion. I inspired by other modellers work and my recent visit to the museum at Gosport so I had a crack at a more unusual paint scheme. The picture is not in colour so I made an educated guess and I'm quite happy with the results.
  8. My preferred scale is 1/700, those subs take dinky to a whole new level. But it means i can have lots of them
  9. They are pretty interesting, they were faster than anything used operationally during WW2 on the surface. Although a diving time of 5 mins is laughable so probably best the idea of boiler driven subs was dropped
  10. I had some issues when building this kit. I do like the model, the castings really good and only needed a bit of sanding to get a good fit. My big issue was the photo-etch (again) and numerous repaints which led to some of the detail being lost. Anyway a British sub is always worth the time and I'm pleased with the result. Hopefully Micromir will bring out the K-class with the bow buoyancy tank I think they look great. If you want to see how good this kit can look check out Flankerman as usual.
  11. Really nice kit, the moulds are great and it goes together nicely. Shame its all black but it doesnt look too boring I hope
  12. Nicely done, I abandoned mine nice to see a completed one to such a good standard
  13. Absolutely, they don't take long and they go together really nicely. I'd buy more just so I can improve a little bit with each build but i don't have the space
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