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  1. Some progress has been made on the rear turret guns. The barrels are the Quickboost ones, miles and miles better than the guns provided by the kit. Having some problems fitting the mountings into the turret though, but I'm sure my trusty nailfile with sandpaper taped to it and I will be up to the task of fixing it. f On the advice of people here, I'm not going to bother with bomb bay PE and just crack on as is. So the armourers have begun a dry fit of the bombs in the bomb bay. I'd show you, but my computer seems to be throwing a bit of a wobbly whenever I try to upload anything...still, the bombs look kind of rubbish. They look the wrong shape and size, the 4,000 pounder especially. Belcher bits do a Cookie set and SBC's for incendiaries - a standard Lanc load for city bombing. If anyone's used them, is it worth the aggravation or should I stick to the kit bombs?
  2. As it happens, I do some work for the RAF Museum every now and again, as a tour guide. I've had a look at their archives once or twice, haven't found anything of note. I know the national archives at Kew hold the operational records for 50 Squadron, but it's just a matter of steeling myself to go back there - spent far too much time there to write my dissertation a year or so ago! I certainly have the date and squadron letter - I'll make a thread and see what I can find out. I'd consider myself fairly knowledge when it comes to Lancasters, Bomber Command and that sort of thing, but having poked around Lanc threads here it really illustrates how much more there is to learn!
  3. I have the old boxing with the paddle blades. I've been having a look around for needle blade props, smooth tires and a deeper bomb aimers blister, just to try and make it a little less anachronistic. I might get them, but at the end of the day, if it looks like a Lancaster and turns out looking relatively decent, I don't think I'll mind the little errors too much. I'd absolutely love to make one of the aircraft he flew, and I've looked into doing it. I've got two log books, one training in Canada on Harvards and one operational with No. 50 Squadron, later with No. 617 Squadron. I've had a dig around online too and I've found serial numbers for every aircraft he flew on during his time with No. 617 - no such luck with 50 Squadron though. Ideally, I'd like to model an aircraft he flew in 1943 with No. 50 Squadron. I don't remember the target, maybe Munich, but his rear gunner shot down a nightfighter (a Junkers 88) that night. The log book contains the date and Squadron letter of the aircraft, but not the serial number. If I go dig those out tonight, would that be enough for someone to tell me the rest of the relevant information? Thanks chaps
  4. Ah, I've seen yours before! It looked so good it persuaded me to have a crack at it myself. It's absolutely top drawer and if I can make this one look even half as good as yours, I'll be extremely happy. Bomber is fantastic. Big fan of that book. But yeah, it really does help. I've done a fair number of kits before this one, but only two in this scale (Airfix's Mosquito and Revell's EF Typhoon). Lancasters mean a lot to me, my Grandfather flew them operationally - survived 60 odd trips. I'd like to make this one better than the 1:72 Lanc I've got and the dozen or so other kits I've done - which range from reasonably good to pretty bad. So yeah, any and all help is greatly appreciated. If you're looking for one, I got mine for about £40 off eBay. Would not have bought it at full price.
  5. Hi, everybody. After several months of lurking around here and finding myself in awe of the quality of the builds on here, I finally decided I'd sign up and post my own efforts. I picked up Tamiya's 1:48 Lancaster on eBay, the other day. I've always had a thing for Lancasters, and the kit was relatively cheap. I couldn't resist. I'm afraid though, it seems I've bitten off a bit more than I can chew - I wouldn't consider myself to be the most accomplished modeller, and the equipment I've got to work with is...well, rudimentary at best. I really want to do this kit justice, so I'd love some constructive criticism, advice, tips, tricks or anything else you might be willing to share Anyway, here's the early going (apologies for the iPhone camera quality) Got some of that Eduard PE too, to spruce up the interior a bit. Heard a lot about it, but never used it before. Utterly fantastic, and quite cheap too. Reckon I'll get some more for the bomb bay - although the kit bay comes with lots of studs on it that need to be removed. Anyone have any tricks for removing them, or am I in for a lot of sanding?
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