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  1. That last factory pic could be a neat diorama.
  2. You'll find dot filtering pretty easy since oils are more forgiving IMHO. I might start with those same colors mentioned above. I think burnt sienna is a good brown. You kind of get into it and adjust as necessary. You'll see what I mean when you get started.
  3. Cracking is a good word. Like sitting in it!
  4. Nice looking tank. Russian green and weathering is super.
  5. With humbrol enamel you have to keep mixing it even after you think it's mixed enough. It's rediculous but for some reason the matting agent doesn't dissolve well perhaps? Anyway stirring a whole whole lot with a toothpick fixes the problem for me. Shaking just doesn't cut it for some reason. Frustratingly true. Good luck!
  6. Ok great! Thank you for the awesome advice. I was using citadel since it was my last resort. my mistake. I'll try to smooth the primer and let you know. It's all chemistry so I'll need to experiment. I want to make sure the Enzo had a smooth yellow coat but if it doesn't happen then I'll be wiser for the Lamborghini Veneno which is next . Thank you again!!
  7. When you apply the primer on the car body and it feels rough to the touch do you sand it with 12000 grain to smooth it over or does the paint cover up the roughness? I use rattle can primer since the MIG primer was orange peeling on me out of my airbrush even after sanding the body's plastic surface a little . I guess that's a second question: how to prevent orange peeling of primer .... More pressure to airbrush? I was using 42psi from harder Steenbeck 2 in 1 ... 0.4 nozzle.
  8. How do you all use MIG filters and washes? In the case of filters, dOyou ever so lightly brush or the tank or just lightly apply to certain areas? Secondly, do you coat the model in semigloss sealer before applying or do you use floor Polish because it has less surface tension? I'll say this the sealer isn't working for me. Washes, for example, do not run on crevices very well and blotches up a bit in contact points. Thank you in advance!!!
  9. I have this kit. I'll hardly do this well, however. Beautiful job.
  10. On another forum someone suggested that Meng is related to another company. I wonder. Yes, it does look like the IS8 in the game. One of my favorite tier nines in WOT. Finally, I agree that paper tanks as models bothers me. I can't get the initiative to build a VK45.02A. When it was never real. I agree totally. It's like building a Warhammer model but at least there you're building a fake tank on purpose...so to say. It's sci fi after all.
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