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  1. Nice base! Can you tell me is this was a commercial base?
  2. Are there any (good) 1/35 UH-1B Iroquois 'Huey' helicopter kits? This is for a RAAF aircraft in the Vietnam conflict 1966 to 1972. An alternative might be a US operated Huey during that conflict, but I would prefer a RAAF model. This is to go with a 1/35 AFV Club RAAC Centurion. Peter
  3. @Kingsman Oops, now I've done it...please accept my apologies. Peter
  4. I have a great library and trove the web for info too, but to recall it in so much detail and depth like you do is fabulous, as is your willingness to share! I was also a reserve officer in Artillery in Australia during the 80's (M2A2 105mm and BL 5.5) and then early 2000's. as well a public servant in the Department of Defence managing engineering stores/equipment nationally in the 80's in Melbourne. I worked under a guy named Richard Serong. The surname should be familiar to those who know about Australian involvement in Vietnam. - his father was Brig. 'Ted' Serong who headed the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV) in '62 (working with the CIA), the precursor to full involvement in that 'war' by the US and Australia. Peter
  5. Vote +1 for bring back the Black Sheep...
  6. @Das Abteilung I'm intrigued by your in-depth knowledge of all things AFV, especially Shermans. I would love to know some background there, though I'm sure it's common knowledge in some circles. Are you connected to the Bovington Tank Museum perhaps (which I have visited, as well as driving around most of Dorset etc) Peter
  7. @Das Abteilung Thanks. I will look into the other offerings, but I may just go with the Firestorm solution for this build, as I have already done the wheels and they look OK to me. At the risk of flogging the proverbial, here is an outer wheel. The AFV wheels sit flush on their face on the inside of the Firestorm bits. The Sovereign 2000 site only has a small image of the wheels, and it's not clear what they look like. The Panzer Art looks OK to me and BNA in Oz have them in stock. The inside threads do look less far apart (which aren't noticeable at all in @Jasper dog's photo...) and the wheels nuts more defined. It would be a nice comparison to use these on my Sho't 73 for a coming build. Peter
  8. @Jasper dog RAAC Viet then have the AFV 73 Sho't to follow later, though I will branch off into Market Garden stuff after this build.
  9. @Jasper dog Thanks for the eureka moment! The Firestorm 'tyres' include the wheel rim and extended inside of the wheel, including grooves. On second look at the AFV Club wheel/tyre assembly, the 'tyre' is correct, just that because it's rubber I was pushing the wheel all the way into the tyre, instead of partially, to show the grooves. The Firestorm tyres would be a more solid solution in terms of fit and painting. Peter
  10. I have the Firestorm tyres for the AFV Club 1/35 Centurion. They don't seem to fit no matter how hard I push...and yes have tried fitting from both sides. The tyres should be flush with the wheel face.
  11. @Das Abteilung @Sydhuey This raised more questions for me, so that's always good. High bustle vs low bustle. I gather that is the height at the rear of the turret, is that correct? So a high bustle Firefly will likely have an oval loader's hatch, rather than one with the square surround? Like this AM turret, which is OK? https://formationsmodels.com/store/product/f122-high-bustle-sherman-firefly-turret/?v=707f3a40153b So the RFM Firefly is a low bustle turret? And low bustle Firefly tanks were more common, e.g. in Market Garden? A diagram would be good... Peter
  12. Sold...nice to have a new Comet, and the slow Tamiya 1/35 releases were becoming a concern, not to mention 1/32... This kit seems to be hard to find at the moment though...
  13. I assume this kit an early version of the RFM 'Easy Eight"? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/rye-field-model-rm-5058-m4a3-76w-hvss--1384527 https://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/detail.php?armor_id=1010 Differences? Just wondering about the significance of this release and operational importance of the tank in the war? Peter
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