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  1. Hello Andy! Found this site looking for some ideas to come out of my self imposed exile for the past ### years from building scale models . Marriage, kids, and career all competed for my time but last year a good friend of mine gave me the Bandai snowspeeder kit. It's been sitting around my bench the entire time aling with paint and tools and, after a particularly stressful day, I thought I needed a diversion. A few Google searches later and here I am: a member of this Website and following your feed! I am in AWE of your speeder build and am slowly getting back into this amazing hobby I started with when I was a young lad. I even ordered the F-4 seat belts and am awaiting their arrival. Thanks for the inspiration and I look forward to seeing more of your and many other fine builds on this site.



    Mark from NJ, USA

    P.S. Yes, many of us hate Trump and we sincerely apologize to the world for him!

  2. AndyRM101

    Single Blade Nipper 2.0 (ST-A)

    You can also get the same clippers with Meng branding, which are identical apart from the logo. Those ones may be a little easier to get hold of (I believe HLJ used to stock them; not sure if that's still the case), but they'll probably cost a little more than the original Dspiae ones. As Mike and others have said, the quality of these clippers is outstanding. I've been using them for about a year now and I've never damaged or broken part since switching to them*. They're also still as sharp today as when I first got them. *Disclaimer: I've damaged and broken many, many parts, just not as a result of using these clippers) Andy
  3. You've ended up with two great looking builds. A much better reward than loosing 5kg Andy
  4. Absolutely love it! The red and black scheme looks amazing. Andy
  5. AndyRM101

    Feral George

    Thanks iwik, Never done any historical figures, but I'd like to do some at some point. No small scale SW either, only the 1/12 Bandai stuff. Andy
  6. AndyRM101

    Meng 'King Tiger' 1/35

    Great start phlarris, The issue with the suspension was down to the two insert pieces, C3 and C4, sitting slightly too high when fitted in the hull. It resulted in the axle mounting pins on those parts being out of centre with the holes in the hull sides. That, in turn, made the swing arms sit at an angle when fitted. It's an easy problem to fix, by simply trimming about 1mm from the bottom edge of the insets. On my own build, I only realised what the issue was after I'd firmly glued the inserts in place, so the swing arms remained at an angle. To be honest though, once the tracks were fitted you couldn't really tell the wheels weren't straight. I believe Meng have made a running change to the parts now, so that's probably the reason you didn't encounter the issue. Andy
  7. AndyRM101

    Blockade Runner

    Thanks Plasto, Yes, I do use a macro lens occasionally, but these are all shot with a regular Sigma 17-70mm. I use an aperture of around f20 to keep as much in focus as possible. Andy
  8. AndyRM101

    Blockade Runner

    It's taken me a while to get around to the masking process, but I finally started sticking tiny bits of Tamiya tape on the Blockade Runner last night. It's taken about 5 hours and around 250 slivers of tape, but I got the back end finished earlier today and managed to spray the first of the blue panels. I'd thought about masking the whole thing in one go, but it was just too impractical, so I'll have to try and replicate the paint mix when I do the front half. The blue was mainly Tamiya XF-8 with a drop of XF-23 added to lighten it. I managed to avoid any significant over-spray by luck as much as anything, but some of the panel edges will need some cleaning up where the thickness of the masking tape meant the spray didn't get right into the corners. I'll probably lightly glaze some of the blue panels with a paler blue to add some variation too. The blue panels aren't a perfect match either in colour or in position, as the digital model created for Rebels doesn't match the surface detail of the original Tantive precisely. I'm not too worried about it being an exact replica though, as long as it's close enough to tell what it's meant to be. The next step will be to spray the front half which I'll try to do in one go, although I might end up having to do the top and bottom separately. Hopefully, that'll be done over the next couple of days. Andy
  9. AndyRM101

    Feral George

    Cheers Stew
  10. AndyRM101

    Feral George

    Thanks guys, Glad you've found them. The quality of their figures really is first class. Local too (to you and me) as they're based in Nottinghamshire. Andy
  11. AndyRM101

    Blockade Runner

    Okay, finally found some time to get a little more done on the Blockade Runner. The engine section has been finished off and painted, and some areas have had an acrylic wash. I've left the remaining weathering for now though so I can complete the main painting. The engine section was masked off, and the rest of the fuselage sprayed with AK Cream White mixed with some Gunze GX clear to lessen the very matt finish of the Real Color lacquers. You can see the partial weathering on the engine section better below. The lower half has had a wash with the same dark rubber/glaze medium used previously, while the top part is still in the plain grey base coat. The unweathered areas will be finished off once I've completed the main painting. There'll now follow a few days of finicky masking to mark out the blue sections. I'm hoping to spray all the blue areas in one session, as I think it will require a custom mix, and I'd rather not have to mix it twice. It just depends on how awkward the masking proves to be. Andy
  12. AndyRM101

    Will's 2018 models and figures

    Fantastic collection Will. I'm still amazed you created the graveyard base to such a high standard so quickly! Andy
  13. AndyRM101

    Busy 1/35 2019 for HobbyBoss Too

    Not quite as interesting a list as Trumpeter's 2019 offerings, but some nice subjects all the same. More than anything though, I'm looking forward to the down-scaled 72nd releases of the MAZ trucks.
  14. AndyRM101

    Resistance Walker

    Great start Dennis. I like the extra detailing you've added to the mid section. One word of advice; where possible, it's a good idea to lightly ream out the holes for the connection pins. Doing so lessens the tight fit and removes the tension that some of the parts are under. Andy
  15. AndyRM101

    Plasto’s 2018

    Lovely collection Plasto, especially the TA 183 Andy