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  1. Nien was on the Falcon with Lando. Ten was piloting a B-Wing. They look pretty much identical apart from the outfits though. Nien had a jumpsuit and a waistcoat and Ten had the pilot gear with the chest pack. Nien is in the new films as well Andy
  2. Oh, and the fact that it has LED lighting for the engines is pretty cool. Not included with the main kit though, which is a shame.
  3. And the best thing about, of course, is the pilot. Ten Numb, the greatest Rebel pilot of them all (in my opinion) Andy
  4. Death Star II then. Bit small, but I'll buy one all the same. Andy
  5. Must be the Death Star. Seems quite small though. I'd say Death Star 1 done as a box scale release. That's no moon, it's a ping pong ball! Andy
  6. I'm sure I saw somewhere that they come with an unpainted face as an option, should you want to do the painting yourself. It's probably easier to just touch up the pre-painted one though. The tri-axial jet printing just seems to be a jig that angles the head left and right slightly to allow printing form different directions. From the Bandai website... Inkjet printing is most beautifully painted when the distance between printed matter and printer head is appropriate. With the development of this jig, it is possible to produce a flat surface with high accuracy, so it is possible to reproduce fine letters and images from the gradation with accuracy exceeding that of conventional ink jet printing. The movement of the jig is program controlled, and the movable angle and the number of steps can be freely set according to the shape of the object to be painted. Using a servo and pulse motor to move at an angle of 0.25 degrees, it creates a flat surface that can be painted most efficiently and accurately. Furthermore, since the outline of the painting data is extracted from the 3DCAD design data, it is possible to precisely match the shape and painting position. The jig itself was moved without going through the manual work of multiple persons, completing painting with one stop, ensuring uniformity of quality. Andy
  7. AndyRM101

    M31 Recovery Vehicle

    Hi Etienne, The galvanised effect was quite basic really. The bucket was base coated with Alcald aluminium, then a black Vallejo wash was sponged over it to give the galvanised look. I finished it off with some general weathering using enamel washes. Andy
  8. AndyRM101

    Takom 1/35 Pz.Kpfw. VIII Maus

    Fantastic build Sam. I love the camo design you've used. Andy
  9. AndyRM101

    Lanchester Armoured Car

    Thanks for all the comments guys. Thanks for the link John. The Lanchester looks great in that camo. It's one of the Belgian operated vehicles. I did at one point consider doing it on this build, as it's one of the included marking options. Andy
  10. AndyRM101

    A Mojo Restoring Interlude

    Nice. I do like to see a 152. About time we got a new one in 1/35 Andy
  11. Lanchester 4x2 Armoured Car Copper State Model 1/35 This is CSM's new WWI era Lanchester armoured car. It's quite a simple little kit compared to some of the armour mega-kits that come from a lot of manufacturers these days. Despite the simplicity though, it really is a joy to put together. The fit is just about perfect, and the whole thing was built up and ready for paint in only 4 days. There's some really nice example of moulding to, like the front fenders which are thin enough to almost pass for being photo etched, and the wheel spokes which are remarkably thin for an injection moulded part. There are a couple of errors in the kit. The little bump on top of the turret is a socket for a flag, and it should be closer to the turret roof hatch rather than at the front edge. Also the insides of the rear wheel arches should be panelled off, instead of being open as they are here. Neither of them are big deals though and are pretty easy to fix. CSM have a photo etch set in the works for this kit, although to be honest, I don't think it's really necessary. They do have some nice figures though which should work well for a diorama. This one's painted with Gunze RLM 65 and RLM 76 in a rough representation of Admiralty light grey Thanks for looking Andy
  12. AndyRM101

    Mig-15 - Eduard 1/72

    Thanks guys Yes, pretty much the same reason. It just saved me from having to be too neat and tidy with the inside of the intake. Andy
  13. AndyRM101

    E-100 128mm Waffentr├Ąger

    Well, I'd been intending to do one of their Maz kits in the not too distant future. Probably the tank transporter since it will be significantly cheaper and easier to display than the 1/35 version from Trumpeter I'm still quite taken with the idea of the Zvzeda T-35 you mentioned earlier though. I'll no doubt do both in time. Which comes first depends on what pops up at the right price at the right time. The Waffen-doodah has got its wheels on now. The lower hull has had some weathering with pigments and the wheels have had a few mud washes. I still need to get some primer on the tracks, then they can be fitted and weathered. The upper hull has had a little more weathering too, to tone down the finish a bit more Andy
  14. Mig-15 Eduard 1/72 This was built back in 2015 from the Eduard Dual Combo kit (the other one from the kit is still waiting to be built). It's OOB apart from the scratch built intake cover, and the decals which came from a Print Scale sheet. Andy
  15. AndyRM101

    Airfix 1/48 Walrus

    Superb build Bruce. The fading and wear on the paint finish looks amazing. Andy