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  1. Hello Andy! Found this site looking for some ideas to come out of my self imposed exile for the past ### years from building scale models . Marriage, kids, and career all competed for my time but last year a good friend of mine gave me the Bandai snowspeeder kit. It's been sitting around my bench the entire time aling with paint and tools and, after a particularly stressful day, I thought I needed a diversion. A few Google searches later and here I am: a member of this Website and following your feed! I am in AWE of your speeder build and am slowly getting back into this amazing hobby I started with when I was a young lad. I even ordered the F-4 seat belts and am awaiting their arrival. Thanks for the inspiration and I look forward to seeing more of your and many other fine builds on this site.



    Mark from NJ, USA

    P.S. Yes, many of us hate Trump and we sincerely apologize to the world for him!

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