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  1. This is the same Moulding as the Nice N Model resin kit. Steve told me he was working with Round 2 to release the injection moulding version. Also a good thing really as I’ve built the resin version and the new offering looks to be more accurate with crisper detailing too. A lot more wallet friendly too. As the resin will set you back £300 + shipping and customs charges. Only snag is that Steve halved his actual Studio model offering and labelled it 1/350 scale. A big debate on this but at 350m long according to the research this Ktinga is actual more like 1
  2. Been off the site for a while and just realised that i need to find another place to host images!
  3. The Hull and it's integral geometry when built are extremely strong. The shape and structure is very tough and not too much extra support is required. Although some additional vertical support is required later before the superstructure buildings at the rear are mounted, this will prevent any sagging of the main hull where there is no support. Also the front section needs a rib too. As do the buildings need a few roof beams, due to sagging and warping of the relatively thin resin here. Once comp
  4. I think it is important on this build to get the Geometry of the Hull correct before the build. All joining lines - Centre/Front/Middle join to need to square first. Basically the ISD is 2 Isosceles Triangles each made up of 2 Right angle triangles. These 4 major hull pieces need to be built up first in order to ensure they are completely flat on the surface detail side. This way all major seems/gaps & joins can be avoided. Then they simply lie on the internal structure, which yes did need a bit of reinforcement.
  5. I am looking to get hold of the 1/350 Ktinga. Do you mind if I ask how you got yours? I have emailed the guy at Nice N Models but no reply. The website seems to suggest only US internal shipping? Phil
  6. I did finish this a while back at the End of January, just didn't get around to taking any photos. The 4 Arado 196 are all painted as well as the Ju88 A4 but i haven't completed the decals on those yet. But the Bismarck is Finished:-) The build can be seen here:
  7. Oh yes, forgot to mention; I've actually flown in a Lancaster and a B-17G. So if you really want critique on Accuracy then I might be the right person? Truth being I'm just happy that HK are releasing amazing kits in this scale of these wonderful aircraft. Hopefully, everyone else will be too? No Critique required!
  8. It's not about patience. It's about enjoying modelling! the Band of redline people you mention, perhaps should be more appreciative of what Model companies release. I'm quite sure modellers buy models because they enjoy the subject, and hopefully don't get dissuaded by critics. HK will do a good job as they have always done. There are a number of people that take this far too seriously and there really shouldn't be a need for it. life is too short!!! Sure accuracy is very important but not if it brings too much hesitation for model manufactures to actually
  9. I am not in agreement! the Lancaster was announced long ago. This Lancaster would be a real hit for 1/32 modellers. there is no such thing as a perfect injection scale model. No matter how popular the subject there is always someone to find a fault. for me I'm not that concerned with minor imperfections. The subject matter and 95-98% accuracy is more important. The Lancaster will be a great model if it has the attention to detail similar to the B17. Which no doubt it will. Trumpeter's new 1/16 Jagdtiger is a good example. Not 100% accurate! But
  10. Wow, good news I was hoping for an update on the Lancaster for a while. Renders certainly look promising I heard rumours that HK were looking to release the 1/32 Lancaster in Spring/summer this year? I really hope so, been looking forward to this release for a few years now.
  11. Revell Aqua colour could be an option? How durable is the paint after curing and do you need to prime? I find Tamiya can go straight onto plastic without priming and sticks very well, which is what i want for small painting areas. Also do they all dry matt or is their any hint of Satin finishes?
  12. Some progress on the BF-109 G6. Cockpit interior was XF 63 Tamiya 'German Grey' close to being a bit too dark. but OK after dry brushing. Revell really do make great models now with very crisp detail and good fit. Although i wish there choice of grey plast was not so light, almost white under the light. A medium-light grey like Trumpeter would be much better IMHO!
  13. Decided it's time to clear out some of my old stash, instead of selling perhaps i should build thes as that was what i originally intended......I think? So here goes: BF-109 G6 will be the late variant. He-111 H6 will be KG26 1H+GP ? JU88 will be a C-2 perhaps 4D+FH ? My problem for the outset is going to be finding RLM paints. I have all the required Luftwaffe RLM colours: 65, 70, 71, 74, 75, 76, 81 and even 02 but these are all MM enamels. I really would like to use acrylic even if its lacquer based like tam
  14. Looking good, particularly the placards on the firewall. Guess the clean look will only matter if you really see the interior that well through the removable roof, if you bonding the hull halves together? If not a good wash here and there using the god old panel line-capillary action should work a treat! JT definitely a good deal longer than the KT! Had a quick look at my one for a comparison, the 128mm/L55 dwarfs the 88mm/L71 too
  15. Yes, know what you mean regarding the interior colour. I used MM interior buff for the KT build. But unfortunately MM is enamel but very good colour match. I'm making a move away from airbrushing enamels. Vallejo Root Braun surface primer looks to be good for the primer colour used on Panzers. But trying to find a suitable acrylic counterpart for the Interior Buff (ivory)??? I'm open for suggestions on any ideas too. Here are examples of the MM Root Braun & Interior Buff on my KT.....which come out satin which is very useful also.
  16. Looking good so far on the JT build! Just been looking through the box today as i couldn't resist:-) All looks very good to me and surprisingly quite different to the KT build after the Engine and Transmission are done. The warping on the large parts: Hull top and bottom is very evident indeed though. Definitely some clamping is required with gentle heat treatment. I can see this on the front Glacis-plate edges (3 photos up) when the hull halves are pushed together. Definitely some inward bowing on the bottom halve. Are you going to make the top
  17. More...... Good time for another dry fit, just to see how the Bismarck is starting to look now: Secondary armament Broadside Action:
  18. Bit of an Update: The Bismarck is 95% finished now, after 10 weeks of work. Main deck railings with Life rings and the Arado + Small boats still to finish, To start.... Main deck No Gaps thanks to horizontal deck level! Anchor Pulleys The markings.....Paint masked carefully with good old Tamiya tape, I used Nato Black for this. Weathering: The Anchors and chains:
  19. Great start on the JT Julian. I will be very interested to see how this build progresses and what alterations you undertake. How is the fit between upper & lower halves of the main hull. The KT needed clamping and a bit of hair dryer to reduce the mould warping. But I found this method works, little by little heat treatment. Looking at at the front shot of the your JT lower hull, it seems inevitable that it will need the same, unless the halves are bonded together? phil
  20. Any News from Dragon on this much anticipated AT-AT?
  21. Lighting the Star destroyer is extremely difficult to get right, or I should say realistic. Even the large scale 1/1700 version need the vey smallest of fibre optics. If you not careful as the Japnese modeller has illustrated you end up getting a model that looks like a toy....Not good. Even the Randy Cooper version that I have looks better left alone as a static model. The fibre optic versions that have been attempted, all have been photoshopped after, to tone down the unrealistic lighting. guess it's all down to personal preference in the end phil
  22. Santa has been a bit obvious this year:-) A build for the new year....
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