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  1. Hello Chaps, I finally, got around to taking "Final Reveal" photos of my "Tiffy" build that I completed in December of 2017. I was holding off, originally, with the intention of building a diorama base for it to sit on, then take photos, but never found the time, due to hosting buddy builds throughout the year on Facebook and YouTube. Anyway, I will still build the base for it, and have created the perfect excuse to do so, by hosting another build beginning on January 1st, 2019 and ending on May 31st, 2019 - the "D-Day (Diorama Day) Buddy Build" in commemoration of the
  2. I can be bothered to post them, I did...a link to the whole album that can be viewed without being a member of Facebook, but if you can't be bothered to click on the link, then I guess I'll just live happily ever after without you seeing them and saving money not having to pay a photo hosting website. https://www.facebook.com/help/124590517619792?helpref=uf_permalink Kind regards, Martin.
  3. Hello Chaps, After building my Airfix 1/72 Vickers Wellington B.III and my Revell GmbH 1/72 Handley Page Halifax B.III, I decided that I wanted to put them on a display base to show them off, and, include the Airfix Bomber Re-Supply set. So, I bought the kit and did just that, but was disappointed that they don't include figures and Airfix have discontinued making their 1/72 RAF Personnel kit. But that said, a good modeling buddy from the UK sent me a set of ICM 1/72 scale RAF figures. This post just covers the Bomber Re-Supply set...still building the base and have yet to begin th
  4. Thanks for sharing the link to your Sterling, she's a beauty Mark
  5. Thanks for your kind compliment, Mark, much appreciated! Sounds like you have a penchant for British bombers of WWII...have you posted any photos on here of your Sterling? Cheers
  6. Thanks Faaman, much appreciated. You started young...and from the dates and age you gave me, you're a little younger than I am Will you attempt to enhance the two kits that you have in your stash? Cheers
  7. Hello Chaps, This is a second build that I did to join my Revell 1/72 Handley Page Halifax B.III for the "Bomber Command Buddy Build" that I hosted both on Facebook and YouTube. I decided to not be tempted by the new Wellington kit by Airfix, although it is a beautiful kit, and decided I'd try my best at making this oldie look reasonable. The plastic is really strange, very hard, tough black plastic that doesn't react well with Tamiya Thin cement. Very hard to cut with a craft knife, almost like a glass filled nylon rather than a styrene plastic. I wanted to make it look d
  8. Thanks for your very kind compliment, Kapam, much appreciated! Cheers
  9. Thanks Greg, much appreciated mate, and yes, that 1959 Airfix kit had Lego style guns...BIG! Cheers
  10. Thanks Hobo, much appreciated and you're welcome for the videos....I tried to post photos, but nothing came through from the links to them, that I used? Cheers
  11. Hello Chaps, It's been quite a while since I posted on here, due to life and work, but today, I've finally got a little time to post something. This Revell of Germany kit is another great kit produced by them, engineered well, good quality molded parts, nice details, and everything goes together very well. I only required a little filler and that was at the joins of where the canopy and front nose end window fitted to the fuselage. Flash was very little if anything, ejector pin witness marks were kept away from visible surfaces and nothing was warped, but, exactly what you'd e
  12. Thanks Steve, much appreciated! I hope you've managed to find one since you posted your comment 3 1/2 weeks ago?! Cheers
  13. Super build of something out of the ordinary that I haven't seen before....love it! Cheers
  14. Lovely job, Vinnie...I love that blue nosed version, it pops against the NMF, really nice! Cheers
  15. Daaayyyuuuuumm, that is Gorgeous with a capital "G"!
  16. Super job with very neat finishing and detailing. Cheers
  17. Great build....first time I've seen one in this color scheme instead of the popular green/brown camo scheme, I like it! Cheers
  18. Super job on my Favorite British used military jet....I just completed the Italeri version in "Desert Storm" colors, but I do have a Revell kit with this option of markings.
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