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  1. I have just acquired the Heller Le clerc version of your kit, and would like to follow suit with a tank crew. I think a few other figures for the base will add greatly to your Dio. I look forward to seeing the next update. Cheers Greg
  2. Looking great! Those figures a very nicely detailed. Cheers Greg
  3. Looks good, and is reminiscent of the old Airfix 1/24 scale kit. As you say MB decals/transfers are very resilient. It's hit or miss though in cases where the tissue paper has stuck. I'm looking forward to seeing this one started. Cheers Greg
  4. Great looking Tbolt Ian, looks like Matchbox were stingy with underwing stores, not even a drop tank! Cheers Greg
  5. Thanks Stix, I'm moving on to all the tools etc that are attached to the upper hull. So far so good. Cheers Greg
  6. Great details Chris, that's looking very nice indeed, well done Cheers Greg
  7. Thanks Pete! I was blissfully ignorant of the failings of the Airfix kit as I'm not so well versed in AFVs. Interesting to to know though. Cheers Greg
  8. Thanks Pat Aye, the Germans were very imaginative with their camouflage schemes. I think I will be having a bash at the stripey version, which will be a challenge for the hairy stick s I use
  9. Well done Steve I look forward to seeing this one build up. Cheers Greg
  10. Cheers Pete, I got the Airfix kit not long ago, which looks good too
  11. Evening Folks, Thought i would squeeze another one in if i may? This is a Revell re-box of the Puma AFV complete with dio base. I haven't built this one before and have been impressed with the other armour kits that have been going on in the GB. Anyhoo, here are the photos of the box top and pile of bits - all in glorious monotone grey . Cheers, and "tanks" for looking - get it??? - "tanks" for looking!! No??? (i'll get my coat.....)
  12. Evening all! Despite not posting recently i have not been idle. The long and tedious wheel painting has been completed and i have the lower hull and running gear finished. The rubber band style tracks went on without much of a fight or breaking of the drive wheels/sprockets. All in all, I'm reasonably happy with it all so far. Thanks for looking, cheers Greg
  13. Looks great Enzo Airfix should be paying you for this as I'm now compelled to order one myself! Cheers Greg
  14. Cool, I've been thinking about getting one of these so I'll be interested to see it build up. Cheers Greg
  15. Nice progress Ian Great brush work on the pilot. Cheers Greg
  16. Very nice work Patrice. This will look really cool when it's finished. Cheers Greg
  17. Nice work Chris There's a lot going on with all the added details, which looks really good to my eye. A bit of an epic build. Cheers Greg
  18. Thank you all for the kind comments, I'm glad you like my Hurricane Cheers Greg
  19. That's a really tasty Corsair, which looks great in those markings. I hope mines turns out a well as this. Great job and excellent finish. Cheers Greg
  20. PK 11 Hawker Hurricane IIc 3 Squadron RAF Warmwell 1941. A great wee kit that was a joy to build. Brush painted straight out of the box. Cheers Greg
  21. Morning all! Apologies for the lack of updates on this one but it went together so easily, and quickly it distracted me from taking photos, but there are a couple. All in all another really enjoyable build, which makes me wonder why i bother with the more modern toolings which are by comparison hard work at times! I think i may do yet another build in this GB but first i need to progress the Sherman i am building in that STGB. Anyway, here are some photos there will be some in the gallery too shortly. Thanks for looking, cheers Greg A comparison shot with the newer tool Airfix IIc. The MB kit still looks good for its age, i think
  22. Indeed! I enjoyed it so much I didn't take many progress shots. I will post pictures shortly. Cheers Greg
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