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  1. There are way too many red and yellow Ferrari's about so wanted to do something different. This is the Humbrol violet multi-effect rattle can. Unfortunately my 8mp phone cam doesn't really do the paint effect justice. 20150323_214247_zpskkhxycac.jpg.html][/url] [url=http://s1301.photobucket.com/user/kevhall30975/media/20150328_145109_zpslmhjhyhj.jpg.html]
  2. Decided that the metallic violet would look good on this kit. It's the Humbrol multi-effect rattle can and has come out pretty smooth after sanding in between coats. Now to start on the interior.
  3. Thanks for all your comments. I'm not a huge muscle car fan but it's my gf's favourite car and built it for her birthday last year. My choice of builds are usuallyJapanesetuner and exotics.
  4. These were built about 4 years ago and the Calsonic was my first ever car build. All are Tamiya 1:24.
  5. Many thanks, your comment is much appreciated. I'm very much still a novice but hoping this site will help me improve my modelling skills.
  6. Could do with a little tidying up and panel lines doing. I'm still pleased with the outcome though.
  7. Thanks for that. Was hoping that I could have done it using my existing cloud storage instead of photobucket but it is what it is eh.
  8. Can't see how to attach pics, any help would be great, thanks. Edit: okay, the links work but I'd prefer the pics to show properly without having to use URL
  9. This is my first post and a recently completed Tamiya Nissan Pennzoil GT-R. I know it's a little rough around the edges and do want to put some panel lines in soon for emphasis. IMG_20140510_125629_zpsu0hcwtb1.jpg.html][/url]
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