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    When I'm not taking/collecting the 'kids' from one place to another I generally relax through some of the below:
    History, modelling, gardening, homebrew, DIY, Football, walking the dog ... and (proper) pubs.

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  1. Smashing paint job. Is the spiral on the prop a decal or painted? It looks really smart.
  2. I was thinking about sticking a Beau on my Christmas list to Santa. I'll taking a close interest into this. looking good so far.
  3. Married men all over the world know what those are Martin...
  4. Cheers Sar'nt . I've always liked the look of the 110. I think it's symmetry and proportions are pretty much perfect. I hope I can do it justice. your Iraq version is looking good and I particularly like your idea of using a lighter colour wash on the darker parts. I have bought a few Humbrol washes so I'll try and replicate that when (if I don't cock it up before then) I get to that bit. in the meantime I have approx. 100 daffodil bulbs to install, a greenhouse to clear of tomatoes, cucumbers and aubergine plants flowed by a cleaning out of the chickens! . St
  5. Hi Vic, The paints I have used are all Humbrol Enamels rather than acrylics. They are what I used when I stopped model making about 35 years ago. But Hobbycraft stock all the acrylic too. They have the Revell and Tamiya range as well as all the thinners, mask oil and weathering powders etc. Smiths in Brum also has a concession for Model Zone which also stocks them so maybe they have a similar arrangement where you are. The enamels were thinned with turpentine substitute from B&Q. Thanks for the encouragement by the way; it's by far the best effort b
  6. Your'e dead right there Steve. One of my earlier attempts on a 109 looked awful. This time I used white primer and it now looks a bit too bright but it's a step in the right direction.
  7. Hi Martin. Wait till I uncover the cockpit masking tape. It looks as though someone has cleaned their chimney in it! So much for a little black wash. The wheel wells are slightly better but not much. i have much to learn. your Starfighter's looking good by the way.
  8. All done now! It took me blooming ages though.
  9. Cheers Mike, I'll give it ago. Now sussed!
  10. http://s50.photobucket.com/user/WillGrigg/media/IMG_9610_zpsghswnrjb.jpg.html?o=5 Does that help Mike? sorry to be a pain
  11. Hi, I have tried to post some pictures from photo bucket and have tried the paste the URL bit into the box after clicking the "insert other media" box but it just turns pink and nothing else happens. Can you help please?
  12. The little tins of Humbrol from Hobbycraft. The masking tape was from B&Q. Frog low tack I think it's called. there are some paint runs into the panel lines where I tried to touch it up after I discovered that I hadn't put down enough paint. The worst bit is alongside the starboard fuselage adjacent the yellow band.
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