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  1. Hi! If the Israeli does decide to go along with the drag-chute, they will need to strengthen the main spar. In my humble opinion this cannot be reversed, so that Israeli F-35 with drag-chute will have to be new built. Someone - please come up with one in 1/48! Check six!
  2. AAhhh - that`s nice! Wonderful magic there mate! Looks like the real a/c - and in 1/72!!! What happened to pics of 293???
  3. Yep, exdraken - if you like playing capt. Hindsight But from the experience of F-16 ops, just the savings on tires and brakes validated the brake chute. RNethAF followed up with the same reasons, as did Indonesia and Venezuela. All the RNoAF F-35 mainspars are strengthened before entering the production line.
  4. Agreed! Would like a few in 1/48. But I think it`s a long shot. There has been a few problems with it on the F-35 as well. So the RNoAF has discovered that the F-35 handles quite well without the brake chute in winter conditions. The benefit could be less brake/ tire wear (as on the F-16) and a safety margin, but with the added weight and drag (almost no drag). The main spar of the F-35 has to be strengthened to install the brake chute on the F-35.
  5. That is the best Mossie I´ve seen - and its Norwegian!!! Will do mine in the camo scheme, with Vingtor`s decals. Rather sad that the build tread has ended - it`s been a pleasure and something to look forward to. Right now looking for AMS slipper tanks...... sold out it seems. Cheers John
  6. That`s modelling! Fantastic build!! Have 2 of these ready with Barracuda details. Will be built as 331 sqd and 332 sqd from the North Weald wing, using Vingtor decals. Please keep up the splendid work!
  7. Fantastic build! When I retire in 2 years time, I will do the same kit with Simones aftermarket. Just hope for decals by then!
  8. It`s so cool to see your models. Fantastic work on this kit, especially the camo scheme. Just one question: did the AJ/ AJS fly with AIM-9s on the outboard pylons? Heard that this was due to flutter problems - anyone? Think they used the belly pylons for AIM-9 for BFM training, due to this. I did the SH-37 with a full CMK update, but I think I need to mottle the camo more. Also kind of surprised that the wheels from ResKit did not fit with the undercarridge legs of the Special Hobby kit. I needed to make the pins myself, which I find disappointing. Need to find the mojo to finish this kit! Keep em coming Aigore!
  9. Any chance of a correct set of decals for this beauty, Nils? Not only 1/72, but some 1/48 love too Keep up this wonderful work IV(ac) Plumb! And thx Simone for these fantastic sets. We really live in the golden age of modelling!!! Cheers, John
  10. You really understand this hobby!! Looking forward to getting this for my 15 years+ kits that has been lying around!
  11. Super job on that Viking! I would say spot on for a bird that`s been on a cruise that lasted way too long....... Using this as reference for my two Vikings, one S-3B and one ES-3A. Keep`em coming Aigore!
  12. Well, we just have to accept this, but THE best kit (sofar) is in 1/48......
  13. Great progress! Wish Nils would make decals in 1/48 Where can one buy Simone`s stuff? Cheers from Norway!
  14. Superverynice! I wish they made the conversion set in 1:48!
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