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  1. Lummox, thanks alot for the awesome explanation. I have a load of old humbrol enamels that are left in a drawer. Will get some of them out and experiment with the washes. Not got any filters so may invest as i have a feeling its those that are creating that extra bit of realism. For your filter could you use one of those really posh fine mesh tea bags? Might be a bit floppy though??
  2. Really enjoy following your build. Love all the scratch parts youve added they look spot on. Can you expand on how you have painted the engine? What paints, colours and weathering have you used as it looks so realistic. Cheers, Mark
  3. Thanks thats just what i was after.
  4. I am building an Academy F15E and have decided to do one of the Lakenheath heritage jets. i would also like to put some ordanance on it but not sure if they ever carried any. Does anyone know what pods and ordanance is used and on which pylon? thanks
  5. Hello and welcome from a fellow mancunian. Just looked up the rocketdyne kit and it looks brilliant. i understand the reluctance to build such a kit. thats why i have never bought some of the pricey model factory hiro car kits. I just couldnt do them justice. Maybe one day i’ll have the confidence to build one. i have been listening to “13 minutes to the moon” on the bbc sounds app. Makes me want to build an apollo kit of some form. mark
  6. I did give it a little scrape/sand before using the filler. Next time i'll try and level it first. No problems with panel lines on this little kit. It's completely devoid of them on the underneath! I've got it quite smooth now. Taken a week due to leaving it overnight, each time, for the filler to set. Going to give it quick primer coat and see what it looks like.
  7. Has anyone got any tips on how to deal with steps in seams. I am building a PM Models 223 flamingo and its a really basic kit. I have joined the two halves of the fuselage together and it has left a small step in the seam. I have had a few goes at using putty around it and sanding down but i just seem to be creating another step with the putty. The step is going, slowly, by using this method, just wondering if there is a better way of doing it In hindsight I should have cut off the locating tabs on the fuselage halves and mated the surfaces bit by bit so it didn't produce a gap/step. Oh well i'll try that next time. Thanks
  8. I need a Hornet in my stash and like the Eduard Limited Editions. Hopefully its not too expensive. Hannants are showing it as £83 list price!!!!!!?!?!? There are few more pics of whats probably in the kit (Courtesy of 1999.co.jp). Decals look really nice: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10607699
  9. Or maybe I'll start to customise like this:
  10. I have ordered them and see what they are like. Wasn't sure if the model specific flocking was more in scale than other types. We'll see
  11. Has any one used flocking powder for Nails on their models? Have seen these on amazon and wondered if they would work? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fashion-Gallery-Colour-Velvet-Flocking/dp/B014A62QFG/ref=sr_1_7_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1514548533&sr=8-7&keywords=flocking+powder I want some grey flocking but not sure whether I want a light or dark grey. Was going to get a few and see which looked the best. This set looked a possible cheap alternative to specific model stuff
  12. Massive thanks. They do look spot on. Will need de-chroming and respraying but not a problem. I'lll build the GT3 for myself and put on the special edition wheels from the Tamiya Boxster
  13. I am trying to replicate my dads Porsche Boxster using the Tamiya 1/24 kit. As usual my dads a PITA and got a car with wheels from the Porsche options list and the kit (which comes with two choices of wheels) are not even close. I am looking for these rims: https://www.porscheshop.co.uk/porsche-wheels-accessories/split-rim-wheels-inc-sports-design/sports-design-18-alloys-for-boxster-refurbished.html It looks like they are called 18" BBS Sports Design Split Rims. Any ideas where I can get some. I have looked on HiroBoy, Spot Models and C1 and no luck yet
  14. m4rky


    Doh... Cheers for the info. I think I might give them a try as they seem to be producing some interesting sets. The Modern US and Modern British Tank/AFV sets looks good
  15. m4rky


    Hi, I am interested in trying out this paint as I am getting annoyed with acrylics (tip dry etc), but have been put off from Laquers due to not having a spray booth (just an open window!). Did you use Hataka's own Orange thinners with the paints or another brand? How is airbrush cleaning afterwards? Did you just use anything special or straight cheap cellulose thinners? Cheers
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