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  1. Are you in the West Country? Maybe it was one of the Belgians that went to Historic Helicopters this week?
  2. I reckon they were sitting around, smaking Gauloise, eating tartiflette, and looking at French aircraft engineering magazines! Our gallic friends will ALWAYS take the prize for ugliest but then they will also take prizes for the prettiest (viz Mirage!) Martin
  3. As planned I got some of the little bits painted today as well as the reparation. This was primarily where there had been a little ingress under the masks. Frustratingly, on this model and colour scheme, the break lines between the grey and camo, as well as the camo itself, are close and often at the same angles when airbrushing. Therefore it is inevitable that there is a little creep. All done now :). I got the intake grey painted too. If I was to do it again I'd do the camo first, mask it all, and then apply the grey. That way there would be less gaps for paint to blow under. She has subsequently had a good brush down to get rid of, or loosen, any dust. I then give the model a good blast with the dry airbrush. With all that done, and paint dried, I set about applying the Glosscote in readiness for the decalling stage. There isnt much to see: Note that the grey in this image is not true of the model. It IS Medium Sea Grey without any blue tinge(not the best photo!). By Monday she'll be ready for the decals. Here she is in her "paint barn" I also started on the seat today, shaping wire for the overhead ejection cord, which I have now attached and the seat is primed. Martin
  4. @PhantomBigStu Alaska ANG KC-135 to your W now
  5. Werner @exdraken, I have a couple of Drakens lined up once this is done and the Sukhoi is rolled out ( obviously not part of the GB ) Martin
  6. I reckon so, Andre. Tomorrow I intend to get the intake lips painted, repair the few over sprays and under sprays, and hopefully then get the gloss varnish on ready for decalling. I’ll also get the interior of the canopy painted black as well as the tyres and seat, plus the various lights, sensors and aerials. Thanks Werner. As you will have seen, I was forced in to a lighter grey but I think it works okay when the scale is considered. The green and tan worked out okay too. if all that works okay I’ll be in time for the end of the GB!! Martin
  7. Great progress, mate. She is starting to look like the great aircraft that she was Martin
  8. I’ll forgive the scale and heap praise on this fabulous build. She’d look great in God’s own scale Martin
  9. After a flurry of activity I got her re-masked. Fortunately I still had the paper masks I used initially and so I simply used the opposite pieces in order to follow the lines ;). Here she is masked .... again! and, Andre @Hook, the "Big Reveal! She needs some reparation here and there but there is nothing too bad. I will need to repaint the nosewheel leg and the main wheel housings. She now needs to cure for a day or so and I can get the other bits of painting done. I'm much happier now. Having said that, I am sure that the SH decals are too light. Martin Martin
  10. The "Big Reveal"? Well, she had all the masking stripped away this morning and I started to think about decalling. However ........... I need to use the kit "Mirage F.1AZ" decals on the side of the nose and these are too light!!! Fortunately the decals I had printed have different options for the greys so that should be fine. However, anything that is from the kit sheet that I must use is not :(. I made an executive decision to re-mask and re-paint the undersides in a lighter grey, actually Medium Sea Grey. It may not be enough of a lightening but in scale terms it probabl;y will work. Here she is after the "Big Reveal", before remasking: Back again soon Martin
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