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  1. Hi i may have the decals feom my airfix kit i can't pm you 

    1. bobsyouruncle


      Hi Goose, thanks very much for getting in touch. Yes, I've got my Airfix decals too but mine look to be very faded and it looks like the surface is cracked (particularly the 208 Sqn 'arrow' emblem near the nose) and I thought that other peoples decals from that kit might have had a similar fate? (although I don't know how old mine is). 

      Perhaps the PM thing not working is or a similar reason to the buy/sell area being taken off while the Covid 19 thing is on, to reduce non essential use of deliveries and such.

      Thanks again for getting in touch. I'd be happy to wait on this one until after the Covid 19 thing, but I was trying to put out feelers in advance to see if there were any alternatives available that I'd missed. Thanks again, Bob.

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