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  1. I’ve just read this. https://www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/124/2020/05/Beaufort-W6530-HOLLELY-V2_2.pdf Sad story. lovely models. I can just imagine them lumbering into the sky on those underpowered engines.
  2. Brill! The contrast between colours ( not very much) looks just right.
  3. Love the glossy blue paintwork! The kit is surprisingly accurate given its age.
  4. Love the chipping, especially around the tail area!
  5. Nice! Love the exhaust stains and fuel stains from filling up the drop tanks. Just like in photographs of the real thing.
  6. That looks great ! I love a Malcolm hood Mustang compared to a bubble top - they’re just quirky. I’m intrigued by the extra gun ports- I wouldn’t have thought the enemy would have noticed the extra one at the speed things were happening in the air....
  7. Lovely in its fresh looking green and grey - nice! I’ve always had a soft spot for these as my brother was RAF Regiment 2 squadron in the 80s. He used to love ‘em and jumped from many of them before having a collapsed canopy!
  8. I’ve just seen on The Aviationist a 12 Sq Typhoon with bars and badge - is this a one off? Has there been a change of heart about applying squadron markings across the fleet? I hope so....
  9. If you look on the real aircraft, the blades narrow towards the spinner, I think being the earlier type. The blade on your model is wider ( made of wood?). anyway, I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t been trying to win your challenge! Great model.
  10. Blades! p.s nice spitfire - I prefer the mk V with the earlier roundels like yours.
  11. p.s. Also appreciating the P51b - the malcolm hood looks great.....
  12. Love this! The sheen and the colours look just right. Also, thanks for the photos and link - I was surprised on one of the photos of the real aircraft how poorly fitting some of the panels on the nose were. Re green or blue - definately green. I've read the Dana Bell article and this seems really different to debates on things such as the tone/origin etc of the blue spitfires on Malta which are based on evidence. Dana Bell seems to base his case on little more than wishful thinking (sorry, controversial I know!). Some greens are slightly more blue anyway, an overpaint of some areas in a different green, an overpaint in a poorly mixed green, those on the squadron insist they were green. The evidence is pretty conclusive, but at the end of the day, people can paint their models in whatever colour they like - whatever makes them happy!
  13. The oil staining near the spinner is just brilliant! I will try to steal that idea myself.... I just wonder about the fading - amazing skill to produce this, but I've never seen an operational aircraft that faded (i've seen A LOT of photos, but perhaps someone will make me eat my words!), except perhaps in the med. The only other time I've seen aircraft that faded is when they have been outside at museums for many, many years without refurbishment. I've definitely seen operational aircraft that dirty, paint peeling, extensively chipped - just not that faded. If it were me (and if I were that supremely skilled!) I'd dial it back a notch or two... Hell what do I know. The staining is just immense.
  14. Like it a lot! Especially the very subtle weathering. Very realistic. Like the colour matches for the upper surfaces as well.... I just like it!
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