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  1. Very interesting; I have this one on my watch list and I want to do it in the Kazakh markings, thanks for the advice and photos. The decals may have been but you made them look good.
  2. Really?..I bought a French one and got some Greek decals for a biplane to put on it.........oh well patience is a virtue
  3. Love it, I think you have inspired me to do one; and I found one at a fairly good price
  4. Excellente! I'm not normally a fan of this plane but I love this. I think the Peruvian Air Force have used these in battle
  5. the model and photos are fantastic; did you use the Hi-Decal line set?
  6. Great job; very charismatic chopper; love how he's poking his tongue out
  7. Love it. Fascinating plane and those turrets are seriously cool
  8. I love it. I built this kit as a Moldovan Air Force example; love these type of schemes
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