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  1. love it; I'd love to do one of these in 1/48; you can read about them in SAAF service in Dust Clouds over the Middle East by Christopher Shores
  2. love it; nothing beats a Pe-2
  3. Josh G

    Fizir FT-1 'Nebojsa'

    Very cute; I did the Aeropoxy HAL Ajeet
  4. Excellente La Muerta Negra, is it Dave Morgan or Sharkey Ward's plane?
  5. Josh G

    Monogram F9F-5 Panther

    That's rockin'. Trivia: A Panther scored the first jet-versus-jet victory (you probably knew that) The pilot's name was William Amen, which proves that "he who is last will be first"
  6. Josh G

    1/48 Kitty Hawk Su-22M3

    Pure gold. The Su-22 is such a graceful but masculine looking aircraft
  7. Josh G

    1:72 Matchbox Brewster Buffalo.

    I remember building this when I was 12; yours is better
  8. A bit tricky, bit of flash, plenty to do but it's promising, I've only done the cockpit and some of the fuselage halves so far. I'm not very adept at building but someone with talent would make a beauty.
  9. Cool, That was my return-to-the-hobby kit too, in 1997. Doing the Special Hobby 1/48 one now
  10. Josh G

    1/72 SAAB (MFI) Safari

    Cool, it's like one of those Saab MFI-9 'minicoins' they used in the Nigerian Civil War
  11. Muy Benita! Su-25 and Latin American subjects rock. They used these to shoot down drug carrying planes.
  12. Josh G

    P-47D Iranian Air Force Tamiya 1/48

    Very cool, and different; makes me more keen to get a model for my Brazilian P-47 decals
  13. I also heard of a Lavochkin damaging, but not downing an F-86, and wounding its pilot. The La-9 would have done well in the hands of skilful pilots, not necessarily against the likes of F-86s
  14. I heard of a similar incident in Korea where, in the process of shooting down a Po-2, an F-86 stalled as a result of slowing down so much and crashed.
  15. Gorgeous, it would be interesting to hear the story behind the actual plane