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  1. As above Ced this looks like mickey radome. Long ago Paragon did resin conversion in different scales for the older kits. I also didn't know that they did a pathfinder version with the kitts. Btw nice work on the interieur. Cheers
  2. Yep,of course: "Der April macht was er will." Und dazu noch ein altes Gedicht: http://www.medienwerkstatt-online.de/lws_wissen/vorlagen/showcard.php?id=7212&edit=0 Cheers
  3. Hello as you have already painted itr the preshading won't be able for an uneven finish anymore. Maybe @spadgent or @giemme as some other of the folks I usually look at could help you with some postshading tips and hints Me. They are specialists on many weathering techniques as well as the others and the spadgent did built this kit very well. Btw I like your plane with a more clean finish. Cheers.
  4. Hello Tony ,marverlous under some paint!. Great work, eh did I say that before...... Cheers from an typical April weather spring here. Dunno what to wear and how to heat.
  5. Wow G.! Marvellous. Look at all the tiny details and the rest. Ottimo lavoro. Cheers.
  6. As above Ced. Me too. Just looks exactly right. The floor seem to have lost some clear coat in use . They walk with their boots on that and the bombadier creeps also on that, if I'm right. The desktop looks pretty new in contrast. Cheers
  7. Thanks for posting this as it shows how random life can be. Regards. Edit: This is a after coloured version of the fight at 0:43 min.. The orignal one was the B/w of the Prinz Eugen, but it gives you a better impression of that fateful day, when you have read the statements of Mr. Briggs at that moments.
  8. Hello Ced. This is of course one for me. Or two? Call me in here. Should be fun. Nice start. Cheers
  9. As all above G.. Too lazy to write something more insignificant stuff now. Cheers
  10. Great things happening here Tony. I'm glad that several manurfactoreurs can see this here on bm. Great etching skills now, just by trying and doing it. Chapeau!! P.S.: Nice spring photo and the tree in the middle of the street here has decided that spring has to come now, although it is really cold overnight here at the moment Not quite convicing at all. Spring would be nice! Cheers
  11. Hello Nicolay, Yes, but it was no surprise this time. Usually we here have no really hard snow problems in the Münsterland. But some weather conditions can bring this from time to time. This time it was forecasted for the nothern part (Bremen etc.), but it happend a bit more south between the fronts just right here. So it was 50+ cm in two days and sadly very cold over that week. I was just glad that it was a dry snow this time and not the wet one with the very strong winds again that caused that in 2005 (Slow start as usual but neither a reliable forecast nor internet at that stage for every
  12. Ha, Nicolay, This was, what appeared here in mid Feb. Took more than a week to get rid off it. Funny, how one night can knock out a whole city traffic system and more.
  13. Great looking Heinkel Heather. Like it a lot. Fine work!. Cheers
  14. Hello Adrian, I'm not quite sure, but the Matchbox front glazing is obviously too narrow. A very significant flaw imho. Otherwise it should be equal or better than the Frog one. Cheers
  15. Hi Ced, I like it. A very dirty one, but I really like it. Yeah! Cheers
  16. Wow Tony!!!!! What a sky. U2's Red rock's cover is nothing against this! I'm so happy to live in these digital high res. days now. What personal/individual prospects now, whenever you like it. For the Vixen I'll have to wait a bit longer, err? But that's always ok in terms of quality. Have a nice weekend. Cheers
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