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  1. Had the same issue with my seat, not their best design by any means.
  2. Quick update on cockpit progress, hoping to have it all buttoned up tomorrow ready for the fuselage to be sealed together. A very over complicated cockpit assembly procedure which has taken a lot of drying fittings and testing. Note to self always go with Tamiya
  3. Well this may be the most frustrating cockpit interior I've built in some time Over complicated and a shoddy fit! I'll post pics of progress tonight and hopefully I'll have it together but it's all painted with just a few bits of detailing and touch ups to do.
  4. That's not a bad idea, I'll get it built up first then go from there.
  5. Gonna have to cancel this one guys! In lockdown at home at I've left the kit at work, so doubtful I'll have time to get it finished.
  6. I wonder if this is the same as the Italeri boxing? Have one unpainted on the shelf of doom, maybe this will motivate me to finish it.
  7. Great suggestions and I do have another of the same kit so wouldn't be a complete waste.
  8. Some good gen there thanks Troy. Ah noted good thing I've got a Sea Fury to keep me occupied.
  9. I've seen reviews online about the kit, must admit the looking over it I'm not a fan of the undercarriage installation method at all. Thanks for the heads up! That's the one, almost double what I bought the kit for so I'm in two minds, have found a cheaper decal sheet, maybe I'll just go OOB. I'll decide once I get To the painting stage.
  10. Seeing we're in lockdown I may as well try and clear some of the stash. I've got two of these in the stash hence my potential decal sheet choices featured below. I will only be building the one for this GB though and would quite like to do a Malta aircraft in an overall blue scheme. Will post pics of progress tomorrow.
  11. I think I'm gonna join this one seeing I'm in lockdown, I have an Airfix 1/48 Mk Vb I'll be entering. Will be finishing as a Malta spit but I think I'm gonna buy some aftermarket decals instead of the OOB ones.
  12. Have finally made a start now lockdown is upon us, annoyingly though I've left some paints I need to complete the cockpit at my work accommodation, so limited to what I can currently get done. Order for paints in gonna go ASAP hoping tomorrow I can share some of the photo etched bits for the cockpit.
  13. Another great build Steve, I don't know what it is about Danish jets but they always look great.
  14. Yeah thats the one that I was leaning towards as well
  15. Been searching online for a set of decals that are appealing and I've found this pair from Kits-World which they do in 1/72, both are rather appealing A/C but I'm yet to decide. Building wise not alot of change, starting to paint the interior up so hoping to have the fuselage closed up by the end of the week.
  16. As stated I had previously started this one a while ago, so here is how it stands with the start day drawing ever closer, mainly just assmebled both wings. Looking forward to finally getting this one off the ground, things left to purchase; New set of decals Stand Maybe a prop blur set
  17. Having seen a couple of other Hellcat builds in this group already its given me the courage to attempt this one as I'm trying to thin down my stash. Kit looks pretty straight forward and nicely detailed and paint scheme seems ideal for a quick build. Heres the boxart, will update again when I've made some decent progress.
  18. Hi Chaps, I am entering an old BBMF boxing of an Airfix Mk1 Lanc, has been partially started but below the 25% rule. Looking at finishing this one wheels up on a stand, potentially might order some prop blur propellors as well. Here's the boxing below; Will be ordering new decals for this build and thinking of potentially finishing her as "Uncle Joe Again" from 463 Sqn, RAAF. Also have a revell Dambuster to build but I won't overcommit just yet!
  19. I'd like to enter, have a revell Dambusters kit and Airfix BBMF kit, partly started but below 25%.
  20. Just my place marker until I can get pics at the weekend but am entering with a Hasegawa Kittyhawk Mk 1. Probably gonna complete it as the same aircraft on the box art. Have started but is well below the 25% rule, I think I started painting the interior and then saw this GB was planned so I stopped.
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