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  1. This is going to look awesome once completed, I'm currently planning something simialr with a BoB Hurricane and most likely a Do-17.
  2. That's looking rather nice!
  3. Little update on my Spitfire's progress, apologies for the poor picture quality. Still need to add seatbelts, I may order an eduard set, or just make my own, I haven't decided yet. Gaps on the kit aren't as bad as I first feared mainly just on the underside of the fuselage/wing join, nothing a little filler won't fix. Also I'm enjoying this GB subject so much I'm thinking of using a surplus airfix dogfights stand I have never ended up using and potentially adding something in 1/72 scale, maybe a Bf110 and Hurricane duelling. Will have to look into some history for a potential clash of Hurricanes and 110s just to get the correct Sqn codes etc. As you can see still some gaps to fill mainly around where the wings meet the rear lower fuselage. Some sanding still needed for the lower cowl to fit correctly. Thanks for looking, Lee
  4. Nice job so far, about to tackle some more of mine this afternoon.
  5. Eager to see how this one pans out! Thinking about doing something similar albeit with different aircraft types.
  6. I thought this kit felt familiar, having previously experienced the old Mk V mould. I'll see how it looks once the fuselage is together and if it looks ridiculous I'll see if I can amend it. Agh yes good spot I shall repainted the aluminium before applying the wash. Thanks for the depth of knowledge Troy Lee
  7. Thanks Mark that's quite helpful.
  8. It doesn't appear to be great, I'll have a better indiction once the fuselage is together. Seems theres either gaps either side where the wings join the fuselage or the front part of the wings protudes to far forward so the lower cowling fit is off. I don't think its anything a bit of sanding, test fitting and filling wont fix.
  9. Evening all, Here's the work carried out so far, not the most detailed kit and shape wise not sold on the nose, it seems to wide to me but I won't be making any drastic changes it will be an OOB build still. Next up I'll give the cockpit a dark wash, finish detailing and add some seatbelts prior to assembly. Enjoying this GB so far, I may add a 1/72 subject if I continue to make decent progress. Lee
  10. It might be an experimental job then with different mixes tested out first, and hints and tips are always welcome Troy!
  11. No worries, the extra information is very helpful for everyone on the forum I'm sure. Thank you Stew for the in depth info, much appreciated!
  12. Evening guys, I've been waiting on the GB for a while now! For that reason I may actually finish a build for a GB for once. Listed below is the kit I'll be using which I picked up from a Flying Legends a few years back. I'll be using an Xtradecal set and finishing the build as A/C QJ-W flown by Flight Leuitenant Denys Gillam. Having researched his history, I have visited many locations he was posted and served at throughout the UK so his aircraft and career resonates with myself. Anyone interested in F/L Gillam I have linked his history below. http://www.bbm.org.uk/airmen/GillamDE.htm Paint wise, does anyone have any suggestions as to the best paint match for the Pale Blue undersides? Cheers, Lee
  13. Nice job G, I have the newer rebox of this so interested to see how she turns out
  14. Looking good Dennis, this model reminds me of my Dad's build he had in the loft years ago. Always sticks out because of the turtle and the fact he mainly builds 1/32nd.
  15. Just an update on progress, back at work so I've shelved her for the week with some other ongoing builds. Fueslage all together wings and cannons attached. Just got some sanding to finish on her before prepping for paint. Probably just going to finish as the aircraft depicted in the box art.
  16. I really like that, smart scheme. Great job Steve
  17. I suppose I should I actually get a kit sorted
  18. Update the bulk of the interior work is done, bit wash work to do on the fuselage and a small bit on the rear sub frame, I've assembled the wings with the most ridiculous undercarriage attachements ever. So fiddly I don't know why they have complicated this kit so much. I've also cut the pilots door off so as I'll be having the canopy open and I plan to add seat belts in at a later stage. Hope to have the fuselage together within the next day or so as I'm back at work
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