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  1. Just my place marker until I can get pics at the weekend but am entering with a Hasegawa Kittyhawk Mk 1. Probably gonna complete it as the same aircraft on the box art. Have started but is well below the 25% rule, I think I started painting the interior and then saw this GB was planned so I stopped.
  2. Thanks for the update, shame the JR's were disbanded. Im back at work now this week so progress has slowed but I hope I can start painting end of this week.
  3. All decals, although I pre painted it prior to the decals before I realised the kit provided them. I painted the panels and highlighted them with tamiya aluminium weathering powders to highlight the raised edges.
  4. Thanks but I can't take the credit it's a decal out of the kit.
  5. Finally something to show for my efforts, been getting the odd half hour or so in the evenings so progress hasn't been as rapid as I'd have liked but here we are; Held off on adding the ejector seat grab handles as one was snapped so have had to repair it. Next up is filling a few gaps, sanding joins and getting ready for paint
  6. Haha many thanks kind sir, very nice F-4E is probably my favourite mk of Phantom.
  7. Looks like a decent enough kit, looking forward to making some more progress on her later on.
  8. Can't help myself! I didn't plan to join with so much to clear off the bench at the moment but the allure is too much. The Phantom is by far my favourite jet besides my unhealthy obsession with the F-14. Here's the kit I'll be building: After a night wings are together, fuselage all cleaned up and cockpit areas primed ready for paint. Hoping for a nice easy OOB build!
  9. 2 weeks leave, multiple builds to finish. I may as well start another I'll dig my revell 1/72 F-4J out of the loft later on.
  10. That camo is looking sweet, love a Japanese Phantom! Hope you're on the road to recovery.
  11. Built this kit, fun build and I love this scheme! Especially with having the shark at Duxford.
  12. I didn't plan to enter this but D-Day has always been a huge interest of mine so I'll enter with either a Spitfire Mk IX or a Tempest. Either way the kit will be Eduard and probably OOB.
  13. Tempted to try and get a Mitsubishi F-1 for this GB but need to find decals for the timeframe, not sure what options the 1/72 Hasegawa boxing has.
  14. Good to see your work didn't go to waste!
  15. I've got the Revell 1/72 Jolly Rogers boxing ready to go!
  16. I've just gone through the whole thread from the beginning and automatically want to add more Tomcats to my stash, great stuff!
  17. I've got an Academy F-86F in 1/72, started but I'd like to add it to this GB as an incentive to complete it. It's well below 25% completed. I've been searching hannants for a set of decals, found some for a Greek F-86E I might use, was there any major differences visually between the E and F?
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