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  1. Yes, being an ex 3rd RHA gun bunny, this is bad drills, but you'd only get a 252 if you didn't have the No1 or even a SMIG knock seven colours of crap out of you first. Excellent model and great detail.
  2. first time I've used Friulmodel tracks and I'm so impressed with them, No more rubber or plastic tracks for me, Here they are, all made up, now just need the rest of the Tank to be finished. .
  3. Hi All, this is my finished Tamiya Flak 36 North Africa campaign Diorama, My face painting isn't the best need a steadier hand than what I got.
  4. Outstanding work, the detail is about as good as you could ever get. without building a shrinking machine and shrinking a real one. Kev
  5. Hi Guys, Im after a set of friulmodel ATL 115 tracks for the Meng AMX 302B kit im about to start as Im not liking the in box tracks , but cant seem to find any in uk, does anyone know where I can either get them from in UK or best place to get them from overseas. Cheers, Kev.
  6. This is truly an outstanding build, Makes me feel like throwing all mine away and taking up bird watching or something. Absolutely brilliant. Kev.
  7. The rear number plate holder has a "lug" on the bottom of it, this is much too long. needs to be tiny or door cannot be opened or closed properly.
  8. The Eduard kit I used hasn't got a convoy light part.
  9. Not sure if I mentioned it but the convoy light over the rear door hangs too low needs to be cut back a little
  10. That's a brilliant build, almost seams a shame to paint the brass.
  11. That is just amazing, I wish I could weather stuff like that, most of my kits have to be in parade order as when I try to weather it just goes pearshaped. Looking forward to seeing this progress.
  12. Have a look at this, the guys from the Regiment sent this http://dbty.co.uk/
  13. I promised him I'd do one, but a bit gutted as this is by far a better build than my original one I did for myself, Might use it for target practice and do another one eventually. Keep the pics coming.
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