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  1. High John,


    I started this build years ago and never got around d to finishing it, years later.  If you wish to send me your email address, I have many photos of the B-57A interior for that project that I will be happy to send to you.  Also, if you send me your address, I'll send you a pair of my corrected resin U.S. style intakes.  They were made for the Testor's kits, but she be able to be made to fit the Airfix ones as well





    1. Johnv


      Thanks Ed. I could use the images. My e mail is


  2. Jamie, just tried to find some of the Vietnam Colourcoats enamels in the US and it seems like your one stockist in New England is way down, and the other place doesn't exist any more. An advise on how to get these paints in the US currently?



  3. Yes Cookie,


    These IS an "Itsy-Bitsy III" see my recent 1/72 F-84B conversion of the Heller kit in both WIP and RFI.  At the time, Laven had made it to Lt. Col.



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