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  1. I will be watching this build from start to finish, love your work mate. Yet another top quality build, and I love the Rodney and Nelson. I can't wait for the 1/350 variants to hit the market. Keep the updates coming, and any tips you'd like to share Neil
  2. Superb detail, Nicolas. I'm enjoying watching her develop. I may have to buy one of these for my "next build" pile, if the wife will let me. Keep the updates coming mate Neil
  3. Brilliant build mate, enjoying watching her develop. I love ww2 Royal Navy battleships, especially Rodney and Nelson. Defo going to attempt one of them after my next build (IJN Zuikaku), by then the 1/350 scale versions should be available (hopefully). Looking forward to seeing her complete, and no doubt picking a few pointers up along the way. Regards, Neil
  4. Really enjoying watch her develop Pete. I know there's a long way to go, but I can't wait to see her finished. I fancy having a crack at one of these 1/200th scale kits, and Nelson would be my ship of choice (unless they produce Prince of Wales any time soon). Maybe have to sweet talk the wife into letting me buy the thing though Keep the updates coming mate. Neil
  5. Great start mate, looking forward to seeing how she turns out. I'm liking the look of the seascape too, can't wait to see the finished article. I'm a real big fan of the kgv class battleships, so I'm going to enjoy this build.
  6. Can't wait to see her finished, Tim. I've really enjoyed seeing her progress. Good luck with the show mate, I'm sure she'll be a winner. The quality of the build is there for all to see. Good luck, Neil
  7. I'll be watching this build with interest, I've never seen a dragon kit up close before so this should be interesting. Hoping to see plenty of photos, and lots of commentary. Good luck with this one Mark, it looks like it could be a bundle of trouble. Keep the updates coming, mate. Neil
  8. Fantastic turn around mate. That PE almost had you earlier, pesky, fiddly little stuff it is. She looks superb, just waiting for the air wing now then she's complete. Looking forward to seeing your next build mate, and 10 out of 10 for perseverance (I think I'd have thrown all that PE in the bin and started again). All the best mate, Neil
  9. Awesome build Tim, like the busy flight deck. The PE props was the right way to go too, mate The build is a credit to you mate, superb from deck to keel.
  10. Superb build Tim. Retire? I'm sure you've already got your next build waiting in the wings
  11. Keep your chin up mate, we've all cocked up with PE. I'm sure you'll get it looking right if you keep plugging away. Good luck mate .
  12. Currently working on 1/350 IJN Nagato

  13. Superb build Tim, I love watching the little details being added with every update. I also like the way you throw little tips in there when you add the photos. Keep the updates coming mate, can't wait to see her finished.
  14. Looking really good Warren, the etch looks like a bit of a b*tch but well worth it Keep the updates coming, looking forward to seeing this build evolve.
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