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  1. well if you were to look at it in that way wouldn't it have to be a fighter currently in service or being developed/ brought into service like the t-50 or the f-35 (god forbid)
  2. What I said in the criteria was that ''was it innovative for its time'' the same way the f-35 is a massive leap forward in technology was it such a big leap as the spitfire to the meteor?
  3. Thank you everyone for this discussion. I feel very privileged that so many people have decided to join this discussion and I think this is the warmest welcome anybody could have to a forum! Let the games go on!
  4. So I was wondering whether anybody would want to discuss this with me, I wanted to know what other people think was the most successful jet of all time in terms of 1) Units sold 2) Innovative technology at time of release(?) 3) Reliability Thank you very much, I'm guessing its probably going to be something like the MIG-21 or something but I really couldn't say. Cheers!
  5. sorry, just a quick question (and probably a stupid one too) but what is an 'IDS boxing' thanks
  6. Guys, so I'm thinking of modelling one of these bad boys (in the title) and was wondering if anyone could give me some help on the best 1/72 scale kits for the aforementioned. I really love these American jets and having modelled Mig-21's Mig-25s' Su-27's and the T-50 I was looking for a bit of a change. Thanks in advance P.S. I'm looking for readily available kits and if you include a link, please could it be to a website that uses GBP. Thank you very much for your time! P.P.S I love this forum!!
  7. Lots of progress made so far! Loving the russian brand
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